Mediaburst Unveils Website to Improve Engagement

Alderley Edge (PRESS RELEASE – May 14, 2009) – Mobile messaging company Mediaburst announces a new skin for its website to improve navigation and highlight its business model as a provider of bulk SMS services for global enterprises, and a brand support hub for the mobile strategies of advertising and marketing agencies.

A key addition to the upgraded website is the introduction of low-cost SMS packages for use with Outlook 2007. As one of Microsoft’s Outlook Mobile Service Providers, businesses can purchase SMS packages from Mediaburst at an entry cost of just £5.00 and securely send text messages from Outlook 2007 to mobile phones. No downloads or plug-ins are required. A link is now included on the homepage to a dedicated microsite for signup, message purchase and support.

With Outlook 2007 having an estimated 7% of email market share, Mediaburst is addressing a potential customer base of 1.4 million businesses in the EU alone with this Outlook service. Over time, as businesses upgrade from previous versions to Outlook 2007, the user base can only increase, and significantly.

“Mediaburst is focussed on becoming the mobile messaging partner-of-choice for enterprises and the de facto mobile support company for marketing agencies. The website continues to evolve and this latest release sees improved navigation to ensure clients can quickly locate the products and services most relevant to their needs. It’s a reflection of our business focus,” says Gary Bury, Mediaburst’s managing director.

About Mediaburst

Mediaburst is an award-winning mobile marketing and business messaging company. Created in 2000, the company is the mobile campaign partner for brands and media agencies and the preferred supplier of messaging solutions for businesses, developers, and network operators. For more information, contact Hugh Paterson on 0845 050 0000, by email, or visit

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