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New Bartering Service Free For Small Businesses

MIAMI (PRESS RELEASE – May 11, 2009) – This year, consumers and businesses looking to barter a service will have free access to the launch of TheSmarterBarter.com, an online bartering service that will utilize emails to match likeminded individuals looking to exchange a service in their same local area. It’s an old idea with an even more simple way to exchange services and products.

Entirely Web-based, TheSmarterBarter.com is determined to offering a free bartering service and to empower subscribers to take control of what they want in this economy. Through the service, TheSmarterBarter is committed to working with anyone that wants to barter similar or like-valued goods and services instead of using cash or currency. TheSmarterBarter will always be free of charge and is essentially a match making service.

From big businesses to individuals and families, no one is escaping the financial crisis engulfing the U.S. More and more people are realizing the vast benefits of bartering with other individuals to achieve their goal.
Whether its work related or for personal reasons no one will be excluded from being able to use this service.

“It’s a tragedy that the unemployment rate is 8.9% and still rising” said Keith Reisig, CEO and founder of TheSmarterBarter.com. “Consumers and small businesses are being forced to look for creative, cost-effective solutions that can deliver quality results within their budget.”

TheSmarterBarter plans to adhere to an approved set of criteria, uniquely interpreted by each individual and the bartering service that they’re offering. TheSmarterBarter’s Web-based service will be accessible to
everyone by subscription only. With the email format, users will gain access to all bartering services in their local area or can subscribe to a national list.

About TheSmarterBarter.com

TheSmarterBarter.com easily matches individuals looking to exchange a service or product with other individuals. Privately held and founded, TheSmarterBarter is located in Ft. Lauderdale ,FL. For additional
information visit www.thesmarterbarter.com.