New Book on Customer Service Adds a Little Honesty to the Subject

Calgary, Alberta (PRESS RELEASE – May 30, 2009) — Myles Pang breaks the mould with a book that finally admits the true feelings customer service staff have about customers. Presented with impinging philosophy and targeted drills to bring about real, lasting changes in their attitudes, this book is bound to become a grassroots phenomenon for people in customer service. Go to for more information and Corporate Solutions.

Customer Service: How to Survive it

Starting with the unique title which was gleaned from a survey of on-the-job customer service workers, the reader can see that this book is taking a fresh perspective on the subject. While a glib review might leave the reader thinking the author has a negative take on the matter, further reading will reveal a deep caring for people both behind the counter and in the customer’s shoes.

Mr. Pang’s honest approach faces head-on the negative reactions and emotions people naturally have when they find themselves in a service role, bound to please in the face of anything and everything including perceived violations of their integrity. The author’s solutions to having one’s buttons pushed are positively presented in a manner that makes them easy to own. The philosophy of the author can become the philosophy of the customer service representative and the result is glowing customer service and happy employees.

As an experienced General Manager of leading restaurant chains, Software Developer, Regional IT Project Manager and Certified Marriage Counselor, Myles Pang has a unique and diverse background which has allowed him to achieve perspectives on customer service which are both refreshing and highly effective.

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