Project Management Add-On Launched for Sage SalesLogix

Naperville, IL (PRESS RELEASE – May 8, 2009) – JDS Group, Inc., a Sage Silver Development Partner, has announced the launch of ProgixPro Project Management Solution integrated with Sage SalesLogix. As an add-on component for Sage SalesLogix, it offers an easy way for all types of companies to track projects and manage resources while working in the familiar environment of SalesLogix.

As a Sage Silver Developer, JDS Group designed ProgixPro for companies that use SalesLogix to manage sales opportunities and customer accounts but need better analytical tools, reports, scheduling, and task management features to manage the projects and services they implement after the sale.

According to Dennis Synal, President and CEO at JDS Group, “With many companies, the tough work begins after the sale has been made. In fact, the true customer relationship is just beginning and the tools to manage ongoing projects and services are bundled in ProgixPro for SalesLogix.”

By adding ProgixPro to Sage SalesLogix, companies get a complete view of what’s going on with their customers from sales and marketing to project status and service requests. In fact, salespeople are better prepared to nurture ongoing customer relationships when they have the ability to review projects and can intelligently discuss project status

Regarding the simplicity of ProgixPro, Synal says, “Most project management software applications claim to be easy to use. But all too often, companies later discover they need a full-time project manager just to run the software. He adds, “With ProgixPro, we stripped away the seldom-used bells and whistles and boiled things down to the most important elements of project management which are how many hours are budgeted, how many are used, and what’s needed to get the project finished.”

More information about ProgixPro or JDS Group, visit their website at

About JDS Group, Inc.

In 1995, JDS focused on CRM solutions and sales process mapping with a unique multi-industrial best practices approach, eventually adding Business Intelligence and network integration design. As businesses became more sophisticated, front to back office cohesion was no longer a luxury but required. JDS sprang to the challenge by expanding services to include proprietary application development.

Now, JDS develops the add-on CRM/BI tools your business needs. Products so brilliantly integrated, they’re seamless and intuitive. As needs change, so shall our solutions while the goal remains: keep it simple.


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