Signs of an Improving Economy: Companies Say They Plan to Buy

My latest post is up over at the MidMarket Innovators site. It’s an optimistic post called: “Springtime for SMB IT Purchases?”

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We’ve been hearing bad news for so long that it feels like it will never stop. But one recent survey by IT retailer CDW suggests that companies are planning to buy technology soon.

One positive sign of executive sentiment comes from IT Retailer CDW. CDW does a bimonthly survey of IT executives called the CDW IT Monitor. The most recent CDW IT Monitor from April 2009 finds that decision makers in small and mid-size businesses are looking more optimistic about their plans to investment in technology before the end of 2009:

“After more than a year of confidence decline, the first tentative signs of IT growth are appearing. According to the latest CDW IT Monitor, an increasing number of IT decision makers from small and medium-size business sectors anticipate investment in the next six months.

According to the latest survey, 29 percent of small business IT decision makers expect budget increases in the next six months, an increase of seven percentage points from February. Additionally, 18 percent of medium-size business IT decision makers anticipate hiring in the next six months, an increase of six percentage points since February.”

So the headline here is that small and midsize businesses are leading the way with an intention to increase or once again start making IT investments.

When companies start investing in technology and infrastructure, it’s a very good sign. Read the whole article for more of why I am starting to feel better about our prospects in this economy, including 3 possible reasons they may be ready to buy.

Also, while you’re over there, ask a technology question. That site, which is a joint effort of Sun and Intel, has a neat “Question and Answer” feature. Anyone can ask a question about technology and people like me with answer it.  The quesitons that people have asked are thoughtful and probing.  So ask away!


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. Another good step in the right direction. With each small bit of good news, I start to feel better about the direction the economy is taking.

  2. Martin Lindeskog

    I have submitted the following comment on Mid-Market Innovators:

    As an experienced purchaser I wonder if there are signals of good deals around the corner and that you could have a positive negotiation with the suppliers at the moment? The thing is that an IT investment / purchase takes time to implement in the organization with training and that the employees get used to the system. I remember when we got a new computer system called AS400 by IBM. I took several years before you got a real hang of it and all the issues were worked out. The question is: When is the right time to invest into a new IT system and how long will it take to implement it? What’s the payback time for the investment? Do you have statistics, data, surveys, white papers, etc for these kind of issues?

  3. Wow. Reviving again the hope from ourselves for the economy. I just love reading articles like this Anita.

    Calling all entrepreneurs: Keep the optimisim, burning! 😉

  4. Yes! Can hardly wait for all industry sectors to start moving forward (out of their ‘holding patterns’). Thanks for the positive news.

  5. I agree! I can also sense positive aura in the air. I have been reading a lot of good news about business lately and it feels good and even will inspire us to do more of our best.

  6. Advanta Bank is canceling all business credit cards at the end of May 2009. Do you have any views on a replacement business card? Would you recommend using a business bank account debit card or a personal credit card?