has launched TheFunded Founder Institute

SAN FRANCISCO (PRESS RELEASE – May 4, 2009) – has launched TheFunded Founder Institute, a new incubator that trains entrepreneurs on the best practices for building quality high-tech businesses. The Institute has recruited 25 renowned start-up CEOs, such as Jason Calacanis, to mentor founders and lead weekly evening training sessions on critical company-building tasks. The Institute has also enlisted world-class partners, such as Microsoft BizSpark, to provide tools and services at below market rates. The inaugural, summer 2009 semester will be held in Silicon Valley, although participating founders can access the sessions online as well. The application deadline is May 10th, 2009.

“Starting a great company has become increasingly difficult over the last 15 years that I have been an entrepreneur,” notes the program founder, Adeo Ressi. “With TheFunded Founder Institute, we simplify the process of launching a new company and certify that everything is done to the best available standards, and at a fraction of the cost. By giving founders every available resource to succeed, we will create the next wave of quality high-tech start-ups.”

TheFunded Founder Institute also introduces many innovations to the incubator model, such as an equity bonus pool that allows founders to financially benefit from the success of a peer. Participating founders gain other benefits as well:

* Founders meet and learn from the best start-up CEOs in today’s market

* Founders are taken through a step-by-step process to create a business with company-building assignments

* Founders can keep their day job, and don’t need to relocate, as they establish their new business

* Founders leverage’s extensive network of investors to raise capital at fair market rates

* Founders get dozens of tools and services at below market rates, saving valuable resources

TheFunded Founder Institute aims to help founders launch some of the best new businesses of 2009 across clean technology, biotech, and information technology. For more information, and to apply, visit

About TheFunded Founder Institute

TheFunded Founder Institute is a new founder-centric incubator that trains new and seasoned entrepreneurs the best practices for building next generation companies. The unique 4-month program offers remote participation, the industry’s most founder-friendly terms, focused mentorship and training from renowned CEOs, resources from leading service partners, fundraising opportunities at fair market value, and shared equity upside among all participants in the companies formed.

About ( is a private membership community of over 11,000 CEOs, who use the site to research, rate, and review funding sources worldwide and to discuss operating challenges of growing a business. The site lists over 4,000 funding sources and 17,500 investment professionals. Monthly readership includes nearly everyone involved in the funding of start-up companies.

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