Winners of ME 2.0 Book Giveaway

Personal Branding Book

Several weeks ago we ran a giveaway of Dan Schawbel’s new book, “Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success” (see original announcement).

We asked you as readers to give us YOUR best personal branding tip in the comments section. There were 47 excellent responses. (Thank you, everyone!) Using the Randomizer tool, we randomly chose 5 lucky winners to receive copies of Dan’s book.

Here are the 5 winners and the tips they shared on personal branding:

Cecilia Edwards:
“A brand is people’s expectation of their interaction with you based upon perceptions of past interactions. Therefore, I believe that a strong and valuable personal brand can be established by focusing more on solving others problems and less on promoting yourself. While doing this, always make it easy for people to connect the help back to you (same short bio used on all your social networking sites, links back to your blog/website, etc.) Before people read your full bio and list of accomplishments and offerings, they will have experienced your personal brand. After that, just make sure everything you do is appropriate, consistent and professional to maintain the perceptions.”

“What goes around comes around. Go out of your way to assist others, talk other people up, and do anything to help them reach their potential. People will remember you by what you do for others much more than they will remember any catchphrase or business card you give them.”

Chris Cottrell:
“Focus your skills and promote yourself as the go-to person in your field.”

Jeffrey Alexander Brathwaite:
“Start a group on and name the group after your business brand like “Small Business Trends.” As the group creator you become the thought leader while being able to amass a following of professionals who are interested in the brand’s subject matter.”

Karin S:
“My best branding tip: Find out what your fundamental values and mission are – mine is giving people the tools to master their daily lives so that they have the space to do anything they want to do and be – and make sure that absolutely everything people see or hear is consistent with it. People remember. . .”

Many thanks to all who participated and, of course, our congratulations to the 5 lucky winners!

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