Class Project Turned Potential Web Giant

Richmond, VA (PRESS RELEASE – June 6, 2009) — Bidrealm.NET, an innovative web startup, and first ever Real Estate Active Labor Marketplace, was founded from an undergraduate school project and a need to efficiently find and communicate with contractors while “flipping” a house. Company co-founders, Lorenzo Dickerson and Travis White, cousins from hardworking beginnings of working and attending college full-time, have created this debt free potential web giant for the working businessman and woman, and homeowner on just $4500 and an innovative plan to beat the competition with simple and effective, yet innovative and free features.

Find Home Improvement Pros & Projects for FREE

Bidrealm.NET uses the competitive nature of its online reverse auction to drive prices down, with home improvement professionals competing for their business. In comparison to the competition, Bidrealm.NET is completely free to all users, offers customer reviews on registered professionals, effective communication via a private message board, boasts no cold calls from professionals, and the homeowner gets to make their own choice on whom to hire.
“The homeowner will no longer need to rely on inconsistent recommendations from family, friends and coworkers for a painter, electrician, or plumber, and neither will the home improvement professional have to wonder when their next job will come.”

During the current recession, homeowners and contractors are struggling to both save and make money. Bidrealm.NET’s free online service allows online users to network together to solve this problem, help one another, and stabilize their income while getting home improvement projects done with ease. Keep control of your project, or your business, and use Bidrealm.NET for free.

For more information about Bidrealm.NET, please visit Bidrealm.NET or contact Lorenzo Dickerson.

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