CNG-SAFE Easiest SMB Document Management and Workflow System

Huntsville, AL (PRESS RELEASE – June 23, 2009) – Cabinet NG (CNG), provider of document management and workflow software, today announced the release of a new CNG Shared Access Filing Environment (CNG-SAFE) deployment wizard. By simplifying the installation and configuration process, CNG’s network of Value Added Resellers (VARs) can now quickly demonstrate CNG-SAFE in end user environments and increase their success rate of closing business deals. The new wizard lets users experience the quality and ease of use of CNG’s document management software without going through the time consuming process of manually installing and configuring multiple components.

“There are only so many hours in a day and the new CNG-SAFE deployment wizard lets us get the software in front of more potential customers. Trying CNG-SAFE lets the user experience how intuitive the product is and how it will help their business by delivering gains in staff productivity and bottom-line savings. As a result, they are much more likely to make the investment,” said Jeff Lowe, President of Automated Services, Inc.

The new wizard installs a two user configuration of the award winning CNG-SAFE document management software. Also installed is a complete database of preconfigured electronic filing cabinets and sample documents found in typical environments and industries. Over a dozen sample cabinets are included to show how CNG-SAFE can be applied in many different industry verticals including finance, medical, insurance, distribution, manufacturing, accounting, government, legal, franchise, banking and distribution. The entire installation takes approximately 30 minutes and is accomplished in 5 easy steps.

“In today’s economy, it’s all about efficiency and CNG-SAFE’s document management and workflow capability helps businesses achieve these goals. The new deployment wizard gives our VARs the advantage of being more effective in showing their customers how CNG-SAFE will help them become more efficient. By using an intuitive, secure and affordable electronic filing approach, users can start the path of achieving a paperless office that scales with their business growth. Now that’s efficient,” said Andrew Bailey, President of CNG.

The CNG-SAFE deployment wizard is free to CNG Value Added Resellers. For more information, visit

About Cabinet NG:

Cabinet NG’s (CNG) document management software moves manual paper-based processes into efficient electronic workflows. As a result, businesses can increase productivity, reduce paper, save money and meet compliance requirements. CNG’s intuitive, secure and affordable filing approach provides a way to achieve a paperless office that scales with business growth. Patent pending integration technology ensures smooth workflow and seamless connection to many existing Windows-based business applications. CNG software supports interdepartmental collaboration allowing users across the company to accomplish tasks more efficiently with centrally managed and instantly accessible documents. CNG also provides industry specific configurations to help industry verticals more quickly attain a paperless environment. For more information, visit

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