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Boston, MA (PRESS RELEASE – June 14, 2009) — The Value Builder Program (VBP) is a series of one-on-one workshops with clients designed to translate a proven methodology into a plan specific for the client’s needs and build their business value. The strategic plan will address an integrated approach including management consulting, IT solutions, training and support services. Value Builder Program is a structured approach that will take your team through an in-depth evaluation and strategic planning process to define a solid roadmap. This is a hands on consulting experience tailored to a business’s specific needs and goals which provides a working integrations plan. Based on this roadmap CNP configures a solid platform of virtual business tools, and the keys to making them work, to help your company achieve the milestones in a success strategy.

Value Building Program

The VBP addresses system and vendor consolidation for improved efficiency and cost savings. The program also provides for maximized, qualified lead generation to enhance sales potential while providing expanded business information for better decision processing. Along with these focused enhancements, the overall automation benefit actually makes it easier to run any operation.

We Empower Your Customer Engagement The VBP is designed from the ground up to match the challenges all businesses share in their workflow cycle with the specific operational requirements of individual companies and their markets.

CRM Consulting and Technical Support provides workflow and systems consulting with the newest, most efficient and cost effective virtual business tool alternatives, both pre-established and customized. These may be open source or proprietary, or an efficient combination of both. The intent is to integrate current infrastructure and resources with the appropriate match of systems and workflow.

Rather than taking an “off-the-shelf” approach, CNP works closely with clients to establish an overarching strategy, the lowest possible cost of entry for the appropriate systems, and the greatest potential ROI. The VBP framework assures all aspects of integrating these tools are considered, including the human element. CNP considers acceptance, adoption and training to be as critical, if not more so, than the technologies that make great gains possible.

The VBP program allows a company to evaluate its general and unique requirements, creating a clearly documented and specific plan for comparison with other options. The results of the exercise are also a stepping stone for companies who choose CNP’s available solution and support options in their evolution. The VBP is the first step of CNP’s Small Business CBRM Success Program, a single source solution intended for full service clients. This program is optimized to your organizations needs and includes several discounted services and regular alignment workshops to assure your program endures the greatest levels of success.

Available Value Builder Program information resources include:

Program overviews documents can be found and downloaded at SMB CRM Solutions Trends and Comparison This is a great resource for up-to-date information on a variety of value building topics and will be the key forum updates, news and discussion. Another great communication channel offered by CNP is their CNPSUPPORT twitter home page @cnpsupport a quick follow can get you in the loop on breaking news and continued links to industry buzz.

More CRBM Platform information can be found at CNP’s CRM Solutions Training and Support page on their Learning CRM portal.

By way of introduction to the VBP, CNP has also created an upcoming Webinar series that will cover core topics universal to effectively deploying any new technology solution.
These include:

Understanding where Open Source adds the greatest value to your platform.
When open source is right for you and when it is not
“Free” does not mean it will not cost money
Common myths with open source tools
Getting your team on the same page and keeping them there
Leading from the top down, listening from the bottom up
Delegation strategies
Effective process alignment with existing systems
Discovery and training to improve efficiency
Automation and increasing effectiveness
Social CRM where the customers are in charge
Using technology to increase sales and generate leads
How to build loyalty and lasting relationships
Effective customer collaboration
Building value for your customers

Users can sign up for the webinars series by filling out a simple web form.

CNP’s experts will guide viewers through the common challenges of effectively deploying any Customer Relationship and Business Management (CRBM), Virtual Collaboration systems, Social Web Technologies and ecommerce portals. CNP wants attendees to gain a new sense of confidence and tools to build value for their organization. Based on insight gained from the Webinars, or simply the pressing need to evolve a business to a more efficient, more effective model, anyone may start the free, interactive Value Builder Program stage 1 interview Learning CRM Live Webinars and CRM Training.

To learn more about the Value Builder Program framework, please visit CNP Integrations Small Business Solutions, or by calling: 1-508-644-1553

About CNP Integrations; “We Empower Your Customer Engagement”

CNP Integrations is a unique business consulting firm created to empower your small to mid-sized business in areas of current and future Social Networking, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CRBM (Customer Relationship and Business Management) practices. CNP provides software solutions that integrate online business information for both internal and external stakeholders, improving the client’s overall customer experience, brand image and project management efficiencies. CNP Integrations is a global partnership with US corporate offices Massachusetts, and worldwide online. Contact us by Calling: 1-508-644-1553.

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