CSBE Launches New Initiative and Report on Green Entrepreneurism

Washington, D.C. (PRESS RELEASE – June 2, 2009) – Today the Center for Small Business and the Environment (CSBE) launched a new initiative aimed at the 111th Congress and the Obama Administration, reminding them that the best way to revive the ailing U.S. economy is to think green – green entrepreneurism that is.

“This initiative is the first of its kind,” says Byron Kennard, Executive Director of CSBE. “In the last five recessions, small businesses have led recoveries by creating a flurry of new jobs and innovations. Small Wonders demonstrates how small businesses will once again lead the nation’s recovery by creating green jobs and clean energy innovations, leading to a green entrepreneurial boom.”

The Small Wonders initiative highlights the widespread and proliferating phenomenon that is known as green small business. The initiative includes an extensive report that calls on the Administration to mobilize the growing power of green entrepreneurship by supporting the emerging clean energy economy and thereby helping to jumpstart the nation’s economic recovery.

The Small Wonders website (www.smallwondersreport.org) features profiles of small green businesses, acts as a portal for professional and social networking among green entrepreneurs, and provides myriad resources for small-business owners to help green their existing operations.

“At a time when the nation’s economic crisis is forcing us to rethink outdated and wasteful ways of doing business, small green businesses are a fertile ground for innovation and a vital laboratory for new entrepreneurial ideas,” says Elaine Pofeldt, co-author of the report and an independent journalist who writes for national publications about small business. “While not all businesses that foster energy efficiency are profitable, the most successful ones are developing smart strategies for combining green practices with profitability. Their creative approaches can be useful to people in every field, from innovators within big corporations and government to one-person, home-based consultancies.”

The Small Wonders initiative aims to pull the phenomenon of small green businesses out from the shadows and cast them into the limelight as agents of economic, cultural, and political change.

Please visit SmallWondersReport.Org for more information and to download an executive summary of the Small Wonders report. The complete Small Wonders report can be downloaded on June 10, 2009 when CSBE will brief the White House on the findings of the report.

The Center for Small Business and the Environment (CSBE), a small non-profit organization, promotes the concept of green entrepreneurship. CSBE contends that this new and emerging category of business operates in the public – and the planets – interest. CSBE also strives to facilitate the greening of small businesses through increased energy efficiency, expanded use of renewable energy technologies, and other ecologically sound business practices. CSBE is a project of the Tides Center.

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Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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