GeoGraffiti Offers Small Businesses Free Advertising and GeoMarketing Solution

Los Angeles, CA (PRESS RELEASE – June 7, 2009) — GeoGraffiti released two new features to better enable small business ‘Voice Mark’ geomarketing, location-specific search engine marketing, and Twitter integration. Using GeoGraffiti’s automated Voice Marking system, business owners can advertise their unique offerings, specials and promotions, in real-time using any phone. GeoGraffiti geotags the Voice Mark message and makes it publicly available in audio form.

“In the current economic environment, small business owners have plenty to worry about. GeoGraffiti helps by providing a free and simple tool to connect with patrons and communicate vendor offerings,” said Mr. Rodriquez co-founder of GeoGraffiti. “Business owners or store managers record Voice Mark messages with any telephone and our technology implements the geomarketing. The process is simple, takes literally a minute, and works over any phone – just record a voice message by calling GeoGraffiti’s automated system, and it takes care of the rest.” Create your geomarketing ads here.

Behind the scenes, GeoGraffiti geotags the Voice Mark and makes it available for the public to hear on any mobile phone in the store’s vicinity, and via the GeoGraffiti website or Google Earth. In addition to its core mobile advertising value proposition, GeoGraffiti Voice Marks are now indexed by Google and drive local/geographic web searches to the Voice Mark message where patrons can listen to the actual business owner talking about their offerings, last minute sales, or special promotions. “It’s a unique advantage because the business owner is able to engage the customer in a more direct and genuine way using their own voice,” said Mr. Rodriguez.

Using GeoGraffiti’s new Twitter Integration feature, the business owner can keep a constant dialogue with their Twitter followers using a simple voice message and any phone, thus taking advantage of social marketing and network effects. The business owner just needs to link Twitter on their GeoGraffiti account and any Voice Mark message published will automatically update their Twitter status with the title of their Voice Mark and publish a link to the site where the shopper can listen to the message. “Twitter followers inevitably help the effort by “re-tweeting” the Voice Mark message to friends” said Mr. Rodriguez.

Consider this example:

“Mr. Shoemaker has a women’s shoe store in downtown Los Angeles and is having a hard time with sales because he spends very little on advertising, so most of his sales come from people walking past his storefront. He’s heard about the web, but with no budget for an IT staff, he is completely overwhelmed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and all the new social marketing involving Facebook and Twitter. The business owner learns about GeoGraffiti’s free offering so he requests a business account and receives a pamphlet showing him the simple steps to publish a Biz Voice Mark.

The pamphlet says Mr. Shoemaker can publish on the GeoGraffiti site so he signs in and finds his business location, enters his phone number and GeoGraffiti calls him back to record the Voice Mark. Or he simply calls GeoGraffiti’s Biz Voice Mark automated telephone service and designates his store via phone number. To publish a Biz Voice Mark he speaks and records his message like a standard voice message. ‘Wow…that was easy’, he says. He notices that the pamphlet says GeoGraffiti has Twitter integration. ‘Hrmmm… should I try this Twitter thing that everyone is talking about? I’ll give it a try’. He signs up for Twitter and then links his GeoGraffiti account with his Twitter account. Now his patrons have started following him on Twitter. The next day he decides to have a spur of the moment sale on some designer shoes that he wasn’t able to sell over the holiday. He thinks… OK. Let’s see if anyone is interested in these. I’ll discount them 50% realizing that it’s better than stale inventory. But he remembers he has to pick up his son from the doctor so he uses GeoGraffiti’s easy phone publishing system to create a Biz Voice Mark advertisement by calling GeoGraffiti from his cell phone while commuting. The Biz Voice Mark message is something like, ‘Hi. We are having a huge sale today on all of our last season designer shoes. They will be 50% off for last season’s Manolos and Diors so come out if you want a great deal on these shoes.’ From there, GeoGraffiti takes care of the rest automatically! Phhheeewww. Now the social effects occur when his two women friends, Eva and Laura, receive a Twitter update from Mr. Shoemaker and it says ‘Big Shoe Sale Today!’ They click the link and listen to his Voice Mark. ‘Wow… 50%! At that price I’ll take last season’s shoe!’ They both re-tweet and 5 of Eva’s followers and 6 of Laura’s followers also listen to the message. Eva’s friend Jen is out on a meeting, but she knows that Jen would love to go to the sale. Eva clicks the GeoGraffiti Send2Phone link and forwards the Voice Mark to Jen’s phone. Jen gets a call from GeoGraffiti and it automatically plays the Voice Mark message. Over the next day Mr. Shoemaker sees a full store of customers all derived from one simple and free phone call to create a GeoGraffiti Biz Voice Mark.

GeoGraffiti’s proprietary Voice Marking platform integrates with free apps for Facebook, Twitter, Google Earth, iPhone3G, Gphone, or any standard mobile phone via a standard phone call to the GeoGraffiti system. For more information on GeoGraffiti’s Biz Mark service, reference GeoGraffiti Biz Mark FAQs or contact biz(at) to create a free Biz Mark account.


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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    There are so many $300 adds in the phone book, and it all ends up thrown away with the garbage, or kindaling on a fire! I know of a much better way to get your add out there to an international public, not just local! And all for FREE!!!

    Hi everyone, if your starting, or have a small business, and want more customers check out a free site for uploading video ads for your business,they also have image uploads if you are not yet up to videos. The more sites you can link to the greater your market will be. They have a free link exchange as well.

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