How to Become the Center of Everyone’s Attention

How to Become the Center of Everyone's AttentionIt’s easy to watch someone else get all the glory. All you have to do is stand and listen. But if you’re an entrepreneur who craves media attention, you may ask yourself, “Why isn’t that me in front of the camera?”

Molding your business into an industry and media darling takes time and planning. If you truly want free publicity, it’s up to you to start and maintain the process of becoming an industry leader. Here are three painless steps to begin.

1. Write a comment or rebuttal whenever you see an article regarding your industry or a situation that impacts on your business.

Articles are published in trade journals, local newspapers, state-based magazines, and on Web sites. Save each submitted comment in a Word or Notepad document, along with the publication’s name and date, to track what you’ve written and to also help you craft future responses.

I practice this consistently, which puts my name and business in front of reporters and other media groups who need expert comments in upcoming stories. The exposure has the potential to increase notoriety and revenue by a minimum of 30 percent each year.

2. Contact television and cable news producers with timely information that makes you their only choice for an interview. Also, watch local news events for opportunities to elevate your expertise.

What’s your specialty – fire safety, social media, personal security? Prepare to call morning show and segment producers, telling them about the valuable tips and new trends you want to share with viewers. Write and practice your 30-second pitch to get on the air.

Contacting show producers helped me secure appearances on CNBC, The Food Network, The Discovery Channel, New Jersey Network, and New York’s Fox Channel 5. Plan the timing and pitch for your on-air fame, which usually lasts three minutes but is worth every second.

3. Speak at trade and public events where your topic attracts many who attend and on-site sales.

Entrepreneurs who are passionate about their businesses can’t stay quiet. They yearn to share their knowledge, but they provide just enough to validate their expertise and motivate listeners to buy.

Making a commitment to follow these three actions will put you in the center of everyone’s radar when it’s time to stretch your 15 minutes of fame into a lifetime of success.

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Shirley George Frazier About the Author: Shirley George Frazier is chief marketing officer at Solo Business Marketing, a professional speaker at worldwide business and marketing conferences, and author of Marketing Strategies for the Home-Based Business: Solutions You Can Use Today. Shirley twitters at @ShirleyFrazier and blogs at the Solo Business Marketing Blog.


Shirley George Frazier Shirley George Frazier is recognized worldwide as an expert on business startup and marketing strategies. She is president of Sweet Survival LLC, a firm dedicated to reducing the overwhelm of starting a new business by educating new and current women entrepreneurs on successful systems and techniques. Her expertise is available at 5StarExperience and ShirleySpeaks.

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  1. Writing and practicing a 30-second pitch will be a big boost. Most entrepreneurs can talk all day about their product & passion, but you need to be succinct to succeed on-air.

  2. Some entrepreneurs are confused about the media because they don’t understand that a reporters reputation is on the line and they want to trust their references. This article is great in pointing out ways to build a relationship with the media outlets. It is key for you to build relationships and position yourself as the expert to get true media coverage.

  3. A number of clients I work with don’t feel comfortable promoting themselves as ‘experts’ – even when they are. However those same clients have no problem promoting their companies. An odd psychology. Thanks for pointing out some great tips to get in front of the media and to build stronger communication platforms.

  4. Great reminders here! Also, focusing on what makes you unique as an expert can bring another level of interest to journalists/producers. Tying in to a special segment they have or a previous piece can also help.
    Thank you!

  5. Wow. That’s awesome Shirley. I often and ever since doesn’t like to be on the spotlight. Still on the process of learning.

  6. Martin Lindeskog

    Shirley George Frazier,

    Great tips! How do you keep tabs on everything? Do you use some kind of business intelligence program like Agent25 or Aitellu? (I don’t know the programs in America, so I listed some players in Sweden.)

    I will link from my upcoming site, Ego Sole Trader, to your site Solo Business Marketing Blog. It will have a focus on the sole trader (sole proprietorship in American English), solo entrepreneur, freelancer, etc. It will give useful information for individualists and moral support and intellectual fuel for the “traders in matter & spirit”.

  7. RedHotFranchises

    Whatever that generates a great story can easily attract you to the center of everyone’s attention, and when you do it at the right timing, the better it would be.
    Money likes Speed! and comes to those who act fast.

  8. Great list of tips Shirley. These tips could definitely change the face of anyone or any business. Great information. Thanks for sharing.

  9. These are very simple and easy methods to follow for putting yourself out there where people can see you and get to know you. What a great way to build your business and your reputation.

    Michelle Jayes

  10. Interesting advice but I have a hard time tooting my own horn. I’m not one to say “look at me”, “look what I can do”. I guess I don’t stand a chance if I can’t get comfortable actively promoting myself.

  11. Shirley @ Solo Business Marketing

    Hello Everyone,

    The three tips I’ve shared are staples within my own promotion, and although you may not see your name (or client’s name) in lights immediately, each has the ability to positively elevate your stature in a way that’s often not revealed until it happens.

    I always appreciate your feedback, whether you agree, include insights, or believe I’m way off base.

  12. @Amanda — you don’t have to toot your own horn. Ask your customers and allies to do it for you. That’s an easier thing to discuss and take action on with a trusted partner or customer. I’ve found most of them really want to help their network and vendors and providers. They want me to stay in business and be successful as a rising tide lifts all boats, plus they know what goes around, comes around, as that old saying goes.

  13. Amanda, same here. I still find it hard to overcome this.

  14. Another way of getting people, press to talk about your business is for your contribution to the wider world.

    This does not necessarily have to be an expensive investment in green technologies but by helping people make a difference to those that are not going from the same starting blocks. Donating is good but has little marketing advantage to us as small business owners

    El Projecto Esmeraldas is an example of how we as small business owners can be seen for doing good work without pushing our own buttons too much. It is set up with the aim to build relationships with customers without selling directly to them so that one can stay in contact without being pushy.

  15. The author has given Important ways of reaching target people. With this experience one can explore many ways to grab the attention of our intended readers. I am certainly enlightened by this article and i am grateful for it.

  16. Thanks Shirley,

    These are are great actionable tips. “Provide just enough to validate their expertise and motivate listeners to buy.” is a piece of wisdom I plan to put to good use.

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