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Practices of Top SEO Companies for Small Businesses

Practices of Top SEO Companies for Small BusinessesLisa Barone recently wrote about what small businesses could do to increase sales. [1] Network Solutions CEO Roy Dunbar was joined by several people to offer suggestions. One of the key points coming from the group is that “SEO and search is one of the most powerful things a small business can invest in.”

Many small business owners are missing out on the potential traffic and sales they could get if their web sites were optimized for search engines. Location is everything — even online. An SEO company helps your web site rise to the top of search engines when someone types in words relating to your business.

In my last post I went over SEO practices that your SEO company should not use. [2] Now I’ll talk about the opposite – what a good SEO company should do.

A good SEO company should do the following things:

Once you determine these words, they will form the basis of your SEO efforts. When you target a particular phrase you usually get residual ranking benefits. In other words you can rank well for similar phrases.

Aaron Wall of SEOBook.com said [4], [4] “When people link at you in editorial channels, they not only link, but in many cases leave behind an endorsement. Assuming they are writing to a relevant targeted audience then you just gained a bunch of social proof of value and reached a wider audience in a means that is much cheaper and more effective than traditional advertising.”

Also look for credentials from the industry. I know of more of these from the paid search side rather than for SEO companies. One example is a Certified Google AdWords Reseller. This shows that they are interested in keeping community standards. Remember that reputable companies don’t try to hide from the Search Engines. They seek relationships with them. They want to ensure they work with them in the most transparent way possible.

My favorite SEO tactic? Blogging. Set up correctly (applying the same principles I outlined above), a company or even personal blog can be a great tool for SEO. If creating your own blog isn’t a good fit, participating on other people’s blog by leaving comments or writing a guest post using keywords is also effective.

SEO is a form of marketing. There are many approaches to getting links. The best approach for your business depends on many factors. However there are fundamentals that don’t change which every small business should be aware of –especially in this economy.

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Janet Meiners thaelerAbout the Author: Janet Meiners Thaeler is an Evangelist for OrangeSoda Inc. [5] and the principal blogger for their corporate blog and Twitter account. She regularly advises clients on blogging and social media strategies. Her own blog is Newspapergrl.com [6] (and Twitter account @newspapergrl). She is passionate about online marketing and is always looking for new insights, resources and trends to help her clients.