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Ferndale, Washington (PRESS RELEASE – June 21, 2009) — PeoplePond, LLC, the leading provider of online personal brand SEO profiles, announced today users can now integrate their PeoplePond profiles into their Facebook accounts. This shares the personal brand and online identity elements of their PeoplePond profiles with anyone viewing their Facebook pages.

PeoplePond users can now share their profile image, the complete list of Web sites where they maintain an online presence and an identity verification badge on the sidebar of their Facebook profiles. In addition, they can share their profile image and PeoplePond “About Me” section on their Facebook “Info” pages.

“This is a great way for PeoplePond users to share their entire online personal identity with people who otherwise would be looking at just a part of it,” said PeoplePond president, Theron McCollough.

PeoplePond users do not need to download or install anything to enable the Facebook applications. Activation buttons are provided within their PeoplePond accounts to display their information in either or both locations on their Facebook pages.

PeoplePond profiles are designed to make a personal brand more visible to its best audiences by training top search engines to give higher ranking to the online assets belonging to the personal brand. These profile pages are also designed to be portable to increase visibility of a personal brand even more when republished in other relevant online locations such as Facebook. To aid users and others to easily republish PeoplePond profiles several Web site plugins and modules are available as well as PeoplePond’s open and free ADAM API.

Besides boosting personal brand SEO, increased visibility and identity verification, PeoplePond combines the portable address book functionality of with PeoplePond’s social media content tracking, creating the first online service to harmonize these distinct capabilities within a single platform.

PeoplePond was launched to the general public earlier this year during the annual South by Southwest conference and festival in Austin, Texas.

About PeoplePond:

PeoplePond is part of the network of Web sites developed by Cranberry Venture Partners, LLC. Cranberry is home to an unmatched team of innovative developers led by Internet visionary David McInnis. McInnis is best known for founding the first direct-to-consumer news service, PRWeb, which changed the way the world uses press releases. WeaveMet is also part of the Cranberry network of Web sites. For more information about Cranberry Venture Partners, LLC and the Cranberry network of Web sites visit

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