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(PRESS RELEASE – June 24, 200) Financial investors and professionals will benefit from http://www.businessIFC.com a new wealth management website which serves the needs of professionals and investors. The new financial information website is aimed at providing expert financial information for professionals and investors across the world. The wealth management website offers valuable information for high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate investors.

The website provides up to date financial information on the latest developments in more than 40 financial centres across the world in the areas of asset protection and development. The financial information website covers a wide range of areas including:

international banking,
international insurance and pensions,
trusts and
offshore companies.

The wealth management website offers an insight into the latest investment opportunities worldwide including detailed reporting on the shipping and real estate sectors. BusinessIFC.com offers detailed research on the global economic environment. The information is presented on a regional level covering over 40 jurisdictions across the world.

The information available on the website will assist investors in choosing the most innovative and reliable investment opportunities.

BusinessIFC.com reports on the latest news developments from around the world on vehicles for investment. The website helps readers to ascertain the impact on taxation policy. Using leading expert commentators, it describes the tax benefits of investment and asset protection products. It also compares the features of investment products in different jurisdictions.

The financial information website provides easy access to detailed information on a wide range of products, services and jurisdictions. The website offers weekly news and email updates. Existing and prospective financial investors can subscribe for free email updates covering key areas.

The website is targeting 80,000 readers worldwide and thus provides an effective advertising medium for product and service producers. For more information please visit http://www.businessIFC.com

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  1. Wealth Management Tips

    Thanks for the notification I’ve already been to the site and it is looking good.

    You can never have too much information or too much wealth.

    Site logged in favorites.

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