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PHILADELPHIA, PA (PRESS RELEASE – July 15 2009) – Social Media consulting firm, Freesource Agency, announces the launch of Freesourcing.org, the first free directory providing businesses with a detailed catalog of complementary resources available on the web. Customized to each search term, Freesourcing.org generates a comprehensive list of free online tools with a brief description of the service as well as user recommendations.

Freesourcing.org is a community based project that combines user-generated content with the experienced eye the Freesourcing team. Lacking advertisements, pop ups and other paid products, Freesourcing.org is simple and easy to use. The mission of the site is to provide businesses with easy, clutter-free access to the best free web-based resources.

Created by the Founder and Managing Partner of the Freesource Agency, Nathan Egan, Freesourcing.org serves as a thorough search engine enabling businesses to explore new and current complementary tools available on the internet. According to Egan, who coined the business theory known as freesourcing, “There was a lack in the industry and an overwhelming need for an interactive database. Freesourcing.org serves a consulting role and gives my clients and business-owners alike a place to discover free resources to drive efficiency. My goal is to capture freesourcing with a product that is well-edited and available to as many people as possible.”

Egan plans to expand the website by frequently updating the database with user recommended information and with assistance of the Freesourcing team. The digital directory goes live July 2009 and is accessible at www.freesourcing.org.

The Freesource Agency

The Freesource Agency is the company that introduced “freesourcing” to the world. A consulting and sales training company led by seasoned technologist and entrepreneur Nathan Egan, the Freesource Agency helps organizations leverage free, web-based Social Media and Web 2.0 platforms. The agency designs and delivers customized on-site and virtual workshops that specifically address each client’s unique sales model and target markets.

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