Ensuring the Workplace Becomes More Sustainable

New York, NY (PRESS RELEASE – July 21, 2009) — Will pressure to trim budgets force organizations to ditch their green efforts? The good news is that for some organizations it has sped up the process to go green. Others still need more convincing.

For them, Ventureneer.com presents Climb The Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable: a free webinar on Thursday, July 30, 1pm – 1:30pm, ET.

Shari Aaron and Amy Fetzer of Climb The Green Ladder will teach you how to build a compelling case that now is the best time to go green.

“Many of us have thought about or tried to bring sustainability to our workplace. However, many organizations can’t see beyond the small efforts, like changing light bulbs. Bigger initiatives that could have major impact are met with resistance, said Shari Aaron. She added “Climb The Green Ladder can help you understand how to effectively bring sustainability to your workplace.”

Amy Fetzer explains, “As individuals we have enormous power – and we can use this power to change our workplaces from within to help them becomes more successful, and more sustainable. It is possible – we’ve spoken to scores of people who have set their companies on more sustainable and more profitable paths to find out what works and what doesn’t. Businesses can’t afford to ignore sustainability as environmental concerns and resource constraints become more pressing and the marketplace changes. For example, energy prices continue to fluctuate, increasing regulation and concern mean that carbon emissions must be reduced and accounted for, natural resources need to be conserved while environments and workers rights must be protected.”

Through this webinar, learn how people within organizations such as London School of Economics, Campbell Soup Company, City of Redmond, The Guardian, IKEA, Boots and many more have helped to green their workplaces, with incredible results.

This webinar is ideal for those who want a better understanding of how make a business case for sustainability, convince their colleagues to join their efforts or are in need of inspiration, regardless of whether you work for a school, charity, multinational corporation or small company, the government or are self-employed.

Shari Aaron, Executive Director, Climb The Green Ladder, is a market researcher, sustainability consultant, author and strategic thinker who helps clients identify changing marketplace dynamics and strengthen collaborative relationships between consumers, companies, non-profits and the media. Her work focuses on helping clients to see the value of sustainability and how this translates to meeting new customer expectations and marketplace realities. Shari clients include ClimateCounts.org, CSRwire, Future Media, Hasbro, Kraft, Liz Claiborne, StartingBloc, P&G, OgilvyEarth, The Princeton Review, The Toy Industry Association, UNICEF and Uncommon Schools.

Amy Fetzer, Executive Director, Climb The Green Ladder, is an experienced author, journalist and sustainability consultant. Amy has a Post Graduate Certificate at Distinction level in Sustainable Development and is due to finish her MSc later in 2009. She has the pleasure to work with a range of distinguished clients from the BBC, Green Futures and The Guardian to Hewlett Packard, The Sunday Telegraph and My Weekly magazine.

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