Fed Up Entrepreneur to “Bail Out” 1 Million Small Businesses

San Francisco, California (PRESS RELEASE – July 1, 2009) — Fed up with President Obama’s ongoing neglect of small business owners, San Francisco entrepreneur Victor Cheng will offer to “bail out” 1 million small business owners starting July 4, 2009. ( www.BailoutUSA.com )

As America’s Small Business Coach, he will be giving away 1 million copies of his book The Recession-Proof Business: Lessons from the Greatest Recession Success Stories of All Time.

“According to the Small Business Administration, small business owners create 7 out of 10 new jobs in this country. It’s crazy for Obama to be giving the big guys all the money and not doing more to help the little guys-especially when the little guys are creating the jobs that will drive our economy’s recovery,” says Cheng.

“Frustrated with President Obama, I decided to take things into my own hands by giving away 1 million digital copies of my book The Recession-Proof Business, to help ensure that other small businesses survive and even prosper during this economic crisis.”

Cheng’s expertise as a small business recession survival expert has been featured by Fox Business, MSNBC, MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, Inc. magazine, SmartMoney magazine, and a dozen radio talk shows.


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