Increasing Your Exposure With Guest Blogging

Increasing Your Exposure With Guest Blogging

Blogs are powerful. As a small business owner, you can use blogs to build exposure for your business, to attract new customers and to establish yourself an expert in your niche. And you don’t even have to have your own blog in order to do that.

If you can’t invest the time in daily blogging or are just looking for another way to increase exposure and awareness, guestblogging on other blogs is a great way to attract new customers, create business partnerships and to introduce your brand to people who may be naturally inclined to like you. The trick to guestblogging is learning how to find the opportunities that will get you the most targeted exposure.

You don’t want to be guestblogging everywhere. To get the most benefit, you want to pick and choose the blogs and industry resources that will help you gain the most authority, exposure and goodwill. However, the sheer volume of blogs out there can make this process a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

Here are some tips to help you locate powerful guestblogging opportunities.

Contact the bloggers you already know: Blogging has become incredibly popular over the past few years, which means you probably already have some blogging connections under your belt. When posting would be mutually beneficial, reach out to them. For example, if you own a bakery in town, it may be possible for you to reach out to your friends with grocery, diet-oriented or exercise blogs and find opportunities there. You could provide recipes, talk about nutrition, or even create a video of you making your best dish. Or maybe your local chamber of commerce has a blog and they’d be open to highlighting businesses in the area or letting you write an informational post on your industry to help others learn about it. Bloggers are always in need of content, so if you can create a situation where the blog is getting unique, informative posts, they’d likely be open to letting you contribute.

Be observant: Pay attention to the bloggers in your niche and the folks you read on a regular basis. If you notice that a blogger mentions they’ll be going out of town for a conference, taking a family vacation, having a child, etc, drop them an informal email and ask if they’d be interested in using guestbloggers for the period they’re away. It can help you nail down a rare guestblogging opportunity, and it will also generate some goodwill between you and the vacationing blogger.

Use Technorati to find high authority blogs: Even if you know a handful of bloggers you can guest post for, you’ll still want to seek out other complimentary opportunities to help expand your bubble. You should be looking for blogs in your industry and neighboring industries that are well respected and well-linked to. The goal of producing this content is bring awareness to your own blog/site/company. So the more eyes you can get on your post, the better. To locate high authority blogs, use tools like Technorati. Technorati allows you to perform a search for the keywords of your choice and then sort your results by authority.

You’ll want to take a look at the blogs that Technorati ranks as being authoritative and then dig around until you find one that you think would be open to a guest post. You don’t necessarily have to aim for the cream of the crop, but do look for blogs with “some” authority.

Do Google Searches: Not every blog will be open to allowing guest posts so you want to do some research before you waste time going after bloggers who simply won’t be interested. To help narrow down your list and find those that are, perform quick Google or Google Blog searches for queries like [your industry +guest post] or [your industry + guestblogger] to find blogs that have a history of being open to guest bloggers. You don’t have to necessarily stay in your industry, either. You just have to find blogs that would be interested in your content, which often means going outside of blogs that focus directly on what you do. For example, if you’re a financial adviser, you can look for opportunities to post on wedding blogs to write about low cost weddings, relationship blogs to cover cheap date ideas or retirement blogs to speak on how to save a million dollars by your 40th birthday. If you’re willing to get creative, the opportunities for guestblogging are endless (and lots of fun)!

Look for user generated blogs: Thanks to the social media craze, many blogs have been turned into mini communities with their very own user generated content (UGC) sections. These areas have been sectioned off so that community members can come in and create their own posts to share with the community. For example, anyone in the SEO world knows that the YOUmoz section of SEOmoz is a place where any site member can come and write their very own blog post on a topic of their choice. Posting in these forums allows you to build connections with others in your industry and to establish yourself as an upcoming expert. It’s very likely that your industry has similar opportunities. You just have to seek them out.

Guestblogging is a great way to earn some free exposure, get traffic to your site and to establish yourself as someone worth knowing in your space. Be selective about which opportunities you take and have fun with it. You never know who you may meet out there in the blogosphere!

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Lisa Barone Lisa Barone is Vice President of Strategy at Overit, an Albany Web design and development firm where she serves on the senior staff overseeing the company’s marketing consulting, social media, and content divisions.

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  1. Lisa,

    It is funny, I wrote a post today about my guest bloggers. Invesp Consulting’s site has given my EGO blog an ultimate blogRank of 94.47 of 100 (position #9 of 25 at this moment) under the philosophy category.

    I have invited friends and fellow bloggers that I know could add a splash of color and great twist to my blog during the summer period. I have invited guest bloggers a couple of times since I started to blog in 2002. The individuals who have received an invitation have access to write blog post whenever they fancy to do that.

    Please stop by and welcome my fellow guest bloggers:

    – Elizabeth of Hence the Elizabethan
    – Exalted Moments of The Charlotte Capitalist
    – Michael Gold of
    – Roland Horvath
    – Grace Ignacio of GirlOpinion
    – Cindy King of

  2. RedHotFranchises

    One of the things I like about guest blogging is that I get to read something “different” from a blog that I normally visit. It’s a fresh change.
    Nice observation, thanks.

  3. Your right, RedHot. It does give your readers a fresh perspective. Articles written by the same person can become stale and monotonous. Having a guest interject their style, knowledge and experience can help liven it up and breathe fresh air into it.

  4. I love the fact that guest blogging is such a win-win situation. The blog gets quality content and the writer gets to expand their circle of influence. Beautiful!

  5. Mike McDermott

    Ha! What a timely article. I was just asked to blog on Vinny D’s blog the week of the 24th.
    I love the opportunity to blog on other blog sites, because it further extends my social authority and reach. Plus, I think it has EVERYTHING to do with being a part of a community.

  6. I completely agree. You’d better have something to say in the first place, but if you’re new to writing about an area, guest blogging somewhere established definitely gives your writing more legitimacy, which can then be used to increasingly write on your own, and maybe even make a little money from it.

  7. Dragan Mestrovic

    These are good tips!

    Attention – I am looking for guest bloggers!

    Feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you! 🙂
    Some of the topics I am looking for some good unique blog content:

    Blog Traffic, Boost SEO, Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Link exchange, Social Media, Viral Buzz, Viral Marketing

  8. Hi Lisa
    Your timing is impeccable. I’m actively working for one of my client companies on guest blog opps. I needed this refresher.
    My favorite blogging expert, and someone you probably know well, is Darren Rowse of fame. He’s had some cool guest blog opportunities from time to time. They may be tied to holidays…
    Thanks for this post.

  9. Blogging Success

    A very timely article for us – we are in the process of trying to figure out our “guest blog” strategy at Blogging Success Guide and would be curious to know what strategies have worked for readers of Small Biz Trends. Any thoughts?


  10. Hello Lisa,

    This is a great idea. It surely is a win-win situation for the two bloggers. The host blogger receives fresh perspective and the guest blogger reaches a wider audience.

  11. Mary Grace Ignacio

    Lisa, this post perfectly suits me today. Just yesterday when Martin invited me to be one his guest bloggers. Oooops, it’s already on Martin’s comment. Thanks again Martin! 😉

  12. I guest blog for fast Company’s Julie Sue Auslander. She is always open to guest bloggers, but get to know her blogsite first, then send her your guest blog to take a look at – she’s terrific!

  13. If you’re thinking about starting your own blog, but worried that you won’t have the time commitment to provide timely content updates, guesting blogging is a great way to start.

    It provides an opportunity to share some of your ideas in a forum that is already active and you (as the guest blogger) can “ease” into this blogging world.

  14. Another way to guest blog is to simply comment on blogs. After all:
    * you’re already invited
    * a comment is as much a part of the blog as the blog itself
    * comments are where the magic happens. Comments are conversations.

  15. Jeff Weir,

    Great comment! Your comment covered one of the important aspect of blogging. That’s why I am commenting so often on this blog.

    I feel invited to participate on this blog and the comments are really a part of the ongoing conversation.

    Talking about comments, please feel free to click on “Martin Lindeskog” Says: and comment on my blog. You will be able to read post by guest bloggers during the summer period. First out is Roland Horvath and his post on a personality test and the package deal problem.

  16. Great tips Lisa! Very informative article. Love the use of GoogleBlog.

  17. Thanks for the tips Lisa. I might as well start looking for my blogger friends.

  18. Great post. I just wrote a post recently about the fact that writing your own blog might be a bad use of time for some people. But guest posting from time to time as a way to get visibility for your business is a terrific idea.

  19. trentlaceysunxxp

    I really liked it. But not bad, it would be to add a few important sections.

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  21. hi guest-blogging is useful for SEO

  22. Michael - Webhosting tips

    What else can I say, guest blogging can boost business credibility, traffic and sales almost overnight. I have had success and failures with writing for several blogs, it’s worth incorporating into yor business. Guest blogging works.

    Thanks for sharing…

  23. Ken @ LearnFrenchSoftware

    I have used guest blogging in the past to gain credibility. It works if you have quality information. but the downside is that if you’re not careful, you can ruin what you have built. Don’t be concerned about getting noticed with guest blogging, simply provide what readers need and they will seek out for your link. Nice isn’t it?