Infusionsoft Unveils New Business Model After Record Growth

GILBERT, Arizona (PRESS RELEASE – July 9, 2009) – Infusionsoft, the leader in automatic follow-up software for small businesses, today announced record quarterly revenue and customer growth as well as a major change to its business model by completely eliminating required up-front fees (which previously ranged from $2,000 to $6,000) for every tier of its service. In addition, the company will offer a 15-day free trial of its product, complete with customer set-up and support. The new model makes it pain-free for any small business owner to learn how Infusionsoft can increase their sales revenue by solving one of the biggest pitfalls facing the small business market today: staying in touch with customers and prospects to convert interest into sales.

The new business model comes after two years of product and business development for the company’s flagship automatic follow-up software. Infusionsoft says that today’s announcement is an important first step toward becoming the ubiquitous marketing and sales software provider in the small business sector. Already established as the leading software by experts in small business marketing and sales, Infusionsoft is now focusing on the mainstream marketplace to help every small business automate their sales and marketing operations in order to fuel growth.

Last year, the company completely redesigned their product to make it more streamlined and user-friendly after extensive customer feedback studies. Infusionsoft then went on to raise $7.9 million in venture capitalist funding from a new investor in an otherwise investment-unfriendly climate. Earlier this year, the company introduced a tiered pricing plan to accommodate the needs of any small business, along with a guarantee to double users’ sales. These changes helped more small businesses than ever get started with Infusionsoft, and resulted in the best quarterly revenue and customer growth for the company to date. This June, Infusionsoft saw a nearly 475% increase in customers over the same month last year, and an increase of more than 225% in new customers compared to the same quarter of 2008. Now the elimination of up-front fees in conjunction with the free trial will make the software accessible to all entrepreneurs who want to grow fast.

“We have big plans for growth in the future and we know that this shift in our business model will move us toward our end goal of liberating and empowering all entrepreneurs,” said Clate Mask, co-founder and CEO of Infusionsoft. “This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time: give every entrepreneur the ability to fix their prospect and lead follow-up, and thus double their sales. That’s our promise to entrepreneurs, and our customers have proven it over and over. Now we’re taking this liberating technology — and our promise — to the entire small business community.”

The eliminated fees and free trial, combined with low monthly subscription rates, means that small businesses will now have greater access to the company’s famous ‘Double Your Sales’ guarantee, a cornerstone of Infusionsoft’s approach to helping entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls of follow-up failure.

About Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft, the leader in automatic follow-up software, helps small businesses grow fast by putting CRM, email marketing and e-commerce on auto-pilot. The privately held Inc. 500 company is based in Gilbert, Ariz. and is funded by Mohr Davidow Ventures and vSpring Capital. For more information, visit

Additional marketing and small business insight from Clate Mask and the Infusionsoft team can be found on the Infusionsoft blog at, and the Infusionsoft Twitter feed at

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  1. As a user and CMAC since last October I can’t say enough good things about Infusionsoft and their people and their commitment to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs.

    In the last 60 days alone I have processed over $12,000 in online payments from hundreds of clients that received automatic email confirmations, were then categorized for future follow-up, some have accepted my upsell offer, and thousands receive my weekly email newsletter AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO PICK UP THE PHONE TO SPEAK TO ANY OF THEM. If each new client took just 10 minutes of my time to sit with them over the phone and accept their payment I easily would have lost over 1,500 minutes (25 hours or over three full business days in just the last 40 business days). Thank you, Infusionsoft, for freeing me up from the mundane so I can focus on the magic!

    If you’d like a 30-day free trial vs. the 15-day and a free one hour consultation shoot me an email.

    Remember, Life is too short for follow up calls.

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