Leverage Technology to Increase Productivity and Save Money

(PRESS RELEASE – July 12, 2009) — During recessionary times small businesses and nonprofits have a knee jerk reaction to cut spending and invest less. On July 14, Ventureneer.com is presenting “Tune Up Your Technology for Increased Productivity and Cost Savings,” the first in a series of webinars that will help small businesses and nonprofits identify technology that can increase productivity and save money in the long run.

“The cost of technology has never been cheaper and this new technology can unlock operational savings and improve productivity,” says webinar presenter Jason Hutchins, President of Nonprofit Solutions Network and Network of Integrity. Jason adds “There are also ways to stretch your IT dollars without sacrificing efficiency.”

By developing a systematic process for reviewing technology spending, small businesses and nonprofits can identify savings and use that money to invest in technology that will allow them to become more cost efficient and effective. This way small businesses and nonprofits will be better situated to reap the benefits when the economy turns up.

Find out how to squeeze savings out of your IT spending without sacrificing productivity. In this highly interactive FREE webinar, we’ll discuss easy low cost tools that will not only improve network performance but increase staff morale. Topics for discussion include:

How to negotiate vendor contracts in the current fiscal environment
Using lower cost alternatives that perform the same or better than the tools your organization is currently using
Freeing up resources from IT projects that have become stuck
Best practices in projecting IT expenditures
Delaying projects during this environment without impacting uptime and performance

The webinar is ideal for senior level IT decision makers for nonprofits and small business including CEO, COO. CIO and office Managers

Ventureneer provides a new approach to learning that blends traditional formal instruction with informal learning derived from peers using Web 2.0 technology to capture and share this knowledge. Ventureneer’s customized Web 2.0 learning environment: blogs, virtual classes, peer-to-peer learning, coaching, web events and articles, provide the necessary support to make faster, better organizational decisions.

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