Marketing Your Expertise: Review of ExpertClick

Credibility. Authority. Every business owner knows the value of being perceived as an expert, the go-to source when people think about your product or service. But, getting found as the expert in today’s market, with all of the market noise, is the challenge. ExpertClick helps you overcome this challenge by placing you in front of journalists for media interviews.

The site and service is designed for the business owner who does not have time for more elaborate or money for more expensive public relations methods. For example, if you had time, you could utilize the email digest called Help-A-Reporter-Out (HARO), but as much as I love HARO it takes a lot to manage the information fire hose that soaks you each day. Again, this takes time out of your day. ExpertClick does not.

Two of the many benefits of the service caught my attention:

1.    A Press Room page where you create a profile others can find easily.
2.    A News Release distribution service that saves you money over similar PR distribution methods.

Once you pay for your membership, you are able to set up a profile page in what ExpertClick calls the Press Room. In this area, you share information about yourself, your expertise, and your company including links and photos. Many notable speakers and experts use ExpertClick. Some names you may recognize: Dr. Joyce Brothers, Timothy Ferriss (4 Hour Workweek fame), Jim Cathcart (motivational speaker), and thousands of others.

The service also includes a listing in the Yearbook of Experts which gets distributed to many of the nation’s journalists and editors. The media looks in this directory when it doesn’t have time for a web search, which is likely very common. Think about how many times you’ve done a web search for something only to be pulled down a rabbit hole of information.

I performed numerous test searches for specific expertise and I often found an ExpertClick member high in the search results. The directory is organized by topic, so you can test it yourself and see that many topics produce professionals and business owners within the top search results.

This is the page that a journalist would find if she searched online for “Small Business Expert” within the ExpertClick directory.

This is what a member page looks like:

Anita Campbell Profile Page on Expertclick

News Release Distribution in Five Easy Steps

ExpertClick makes it easy and affordable to get news releases out into the market with its service. This feature alone makes the service worth the cost: 52 news releases a year are included, without per-release charges, which is a substantial savings over traditional distribution services. ExpertClick could pay for itself in two or three news releases. However, publishing 52 releases a year is ambitious for just about any company.

In five easy steps, ExpertClick has made it quick and painless to submit a news release to the public with ten distribution points, including LexisNexis (a subscription-based national research repository used by professionals). They also have a daily and weekly headline news feed to 11,000 opt-in journalists.

You can see in Step 1 that the user picks from formats, then at the top you can see the “breadcrumb” navigation: Release Format, Basic Info, Additional Info, Release Copy (your copy), and Preview and Finish. That’s it. Other release services might be similar in ease, but you pay $200 to $400 per news release.  Remember, ExpertClick lets you do one news release per week with your annual subscription.

Expertclick press release distribution service

I’ve jumped to Step 3 in this next image because it shows a nice feature that lets you link to a video or a book you might be selling. It doesn’t apply to everyone, but if you have links like these, it is easy to insert them into your release.

Promotion page on ExpertClick

Once your release is done, the content is then posted within your branded “Press Room” on your profile. They also provide a handy widget which allows you to post releases directly to your website, too.


There are more features to the ExpertClick service, but these two alone can save you money and time. It offers a powerful way to position your expertise and increase your credibility with journalists and customers without requiring daily superhuman marketing efforts.

Learn more about ExpertClick.

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TJ McCueAbout the Author:TJ McCue is the strategic content guy at Q4 Sales and founder of Sales Rescue Team. He blogs at Dun & Bradstreet’s about online research and marketing.