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(PRESS RELEASE – July 7, 2009) – A new Investment Opportunities Website, has been launched to provide investors with up to date information on reliable and innovative investment products.

The new financial information website is one of the leading sources of information related to wealth management. The website reports on investment opportunities available worldwide along with their impact on taxation policy. Investors can benefit from detailed reporting and analysis available on the website by leading commentators and experts in asset protection and development.

The website covers a range of topics in the areas of asset protection and development. These include wealth management, taxation policy, international banking, hedge funds, trusts, offshore companies, shipping and real estate. The wealth management website provides detailed reporting on latest investment opportunities in more than 40 countries worldwide. The research covers the global economic environment as well as regional and local economic environments in over 40 jurisdictions. The financial information website also provides in-dept research covering the shipping and real estate sectors.

The information can prove useful for investors as it can assist with choosing the right investment products for your needs. The tax benefits of various reliable investment and asset protection products are discussed. The reports offered on the website allow investors to compare the key features of latest investment products in different jurisdictions.

The investment opportunities website provides easy access to detailed information and advice on a wide range of investment products and services worldwide. Investors can benefit from the weekly news feature on the website and subscribe to free email newsletters targeting key product areas. Investment product and service providers can benefit from the attractive advertising options available on the website which targets 80,000 readers worldwide.

Investors can visit the website for in-depth information on financial products and services available worldwide. For more information please visit

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