New Release of IBN Project Management Software

(PRESS RELEASE – July 11, 2009) – Mediachase announces a new Instant Business Network build with a number of new features that has been released on July 6, 2009.

Instant Business Network (IBN) is Simple Online Project Management System designed for Small Businesses. The product consists of a web portal and a set of client tools that solve together a wide range of business tasks including project collaboration and management, incident management as well as time-tracking and reporting. IBN allows co-workers, team members, customers, and partners of a company to effectively collaborate and share information in the own online company’s working portal.
With IBN Project Management Suite you can easily create online project team including your business colleagues, partners and freelancers and organize online management process. You need nothing except web browser to get instant access to your project portal. It suits to enterprises, small business and project management teams and groups IBN PM allows to organize simple online project management.

The most important new feature of the 54th IBN build is custom portal pages. Now you can easily create a custom page, design it by allocating information blocks (e.g. News Channel, Company Information, Active Projects Block, etc) and make the page accessible to users through the left menu. With this option you can for instance create internal pages for your users with core information and quick links to the key IBN objects.

Download the trial version now and experience how Instant Business Network can help you manage your task and projects like never before. Please visit our website for more information and to start using the Tiral version at

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  1. This is a tool that many businesses need. Another good tool is a video program which allows business meetings from your home.

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