OrangeSoda Announces Maps Optimization Product for SMBs

AMERICAN FORK, Utah (PRESS RELEASE – July 20, 2009) – OrangeSoda Inc., a leading online search marketing company that specializes in localized search results, today announced its new Maps Optimization product. The first offering of its kind, OrangeSoda Maps Optimization goes beyond submitting and updating a company’s directory listings by applying optimization techniques that ensure a business listing appears more regularly and accurately in the local business results that appear on the top of the search engine results page.

So named because of the map that appears alongside the 10 local business listings at the top of the search results page – sometimes referred to as the “Google 10-pack” – OrangeSoda’s new Maps Optimization product combines optimization techniques like link building, citation matching, and custom directory distribution, as well as provides trackable results and verifiable ROI. A dedicated in-house team of specialists work with each customer on an individual basis to ensure they get the most out of their business listings.

“There’s a common misconception that all a business needs to do is submit its information to a search engine and it will then rotate through those local business listings randomly, like an iTunes playlist. But the search engines don’t do anything randomly,” says Jay Bean, Founder and CEO of OrangeSoda. “I’m particularly excited about OrangeSoda Maps Optimization because it levels the playing field for SMBs that compete with bigger, entrenched brands that dominate the organic listings on the first page of the search results.”

The product is ideal for companies who need and want local searchers to find their product or service, and the local business listings are becoming increasingly important as the use of web-enabled mobile devices is on the rise. Recently, comScore, Inc. reported that the number of people who sought local information on a mobile device grew by 51 percent from March 2008 to March 2009, and in March 2009, 20.7 million users sought local information using a mobile browser.

“Our maps optimization product is a major departure from the ‘set it and forget it’ approach traditionally employed by business listing services,” adds Jay Bean. “The idea in the industry has been to create profiles and listings, blast them out through APIs, and move on to the next customer. We are taking a drastically different approach by applying optimization principles to directory listings in order to help small businesses find success with search engine marketing.”

After a business listing is created and submitted, OrangeSoda’s in-house Maps Optimization team takes specific steps to optimize, distribute and track a listing’s results on an ongoing basis:


Going beyond creation and one-time distribution, the Maps Optimization team integrates a customer’s listings into the major search engine rankings, specifically the maps section, by updating and creating content to make it more relevant and applicable to local searchers, as well as by creating references to a clients directory listings to make their business the obvious choice for customers looking for a local service.

Custom Distribution

Listings are distributed to the major search engines, and instead of simply blasting out listings to a quantity of directories, OrangeSoda focuses on quality as well. The Maps Optimization team determines which large and niche directories are the most relevant and will be the most beneficial to every individual customer and will submit the client’s information to those directories, no matter if that process is manual.

Easy-to-Use Account Management

When a customer needs to make changes to a listing, like add a new phone number or modify its business hours, they simply login to their account and make the change once. The OrangeSoda Maps Optimization team will make all of the necessary updates in the designated directories-no tedious manual updates in a hundred different interfaces.

Call Tracking and Reporting

The Maps Optimization product includes free Call Tracking, which allows clients to easily track the calls that its listing generates.

For more information about Maps Optimization, visit or call 800-637-9140.

About OrangeSoda

Founded in 2006, OrangeSoda Inc. is an online marketing technology company providing powerful, proprietary search engine marketing solutions to help small to medium sized businesses raise visibility locally through geo-targeted online marketing. OrangeSoda’s product and service offerings include paid search campaign management, search engine optimization and Web analytics and measurement. OrangeSoda currently has partnerships with Google, Yahoo! and MSN, and is privately held with offices in Utah and Nevada. For more information visit

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