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Tampa, Florida (PRESS RELEASE – July 30, 2009) – Persystent Software, formerly Persystent Technologies, developers of Persystent Suite, the fastest automated PC recovery solution on the market – restoring corrupted, changed, or missing operating system and application files in 30 seconds or less – today announced the release of Persystent Solo 6.0, a “stand-alone” version of its software, that utilizes the core, patented repair technology found throughout the entire Persystent product line. The company also announced that it changed its name to Persystent Software to more accurately reflect the company’s focus on providing high quality software solutions to a broader market.

Persystent “Solo,” as the name implies, is a stand-alone solution designed for PCs that aren’t connected to a company-supported, managed IT network. The solution is ideal for small businesses with up to 25 computers, tech-savvy SOHO entrepreneurs (single, sole proprietors and home based businesses) also known as microbusinesses, remote office and mobile “road warrior” PC users, as well as the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that provide IT services to these market segments on a contract basis.

Quantifying the Market
The market for software designed to help SMBs is large and growing:
• According to the Department of Labor, of the 22 million businesses in the US, 5 million are considered small.
• In the US alone, the more than 20 million microbusinesses (home based business ventures) recently eclipsed $1 trillion in receipts with a 7% annual growth rate.
• According to Channel Insider, North America will overtake Europe in 2010 as the largest managed services market in the world.

From an easy to use “set-it-and-forget-it” user interface (UI), Persystent Solo enables tech-savvy PC users to capture a 2:1 compressed version of the desired operating system (OS) and application repair point in a hidden cache, protected from the PC user in a local repository. The snapshot can be taken as often as the user deems necessary, and includes any approved adjustments made to personal profiles and settings, rather than the “day one” image. If an OS or application is rendered inoperable due to malicious or accidental corruption from viruses, malware, or downloaded applications, a simple reboot on-demand, will return the system back to the desired PC image in less than 30 seconds. User preferences such as favorites, bookmarks and screensavers are preserved, and the solution works even if the OS cannot engage.

SMBs and MSPs can reduce IT helpdesk support calls by up to 50 percent or more for non-hardware related issues with Persystent Solo. In addition to helping PC users control damage to their computing environment, Persystent Solo enhances PC performance, extends the lifecycle of the PC, reduces or eliminates calls for IT help, and enables the PC user to focus on their most important business issues.

“Our mission at Persystent Software is to ensure that end-user desktops and laptops are always available and fully functional, no matter what size the business and no matter when or where employees work,” says Joe Loughry, President and CEO. “We operate under the premise that the personal computer is the most important worker productivity tool. If the PC is down, so is businees continuity – especially for the microbusiness owner and PC users on the road. We make sure their PCs are always in a fully functional state.”

Persystent Solo key features include:
• PC repair, on-demand, in 30 seconds or less
• Easy to use “set-it-and-forget-it” UI for PC users to select their PC repair point settings
• The only file-level recovery product on the market – only corrupted, changed or missing files are addressed for the fastest, most efficient PC restoration
• Stores up to five previous incremental PC images (or “desired recovery points”) that can be named by the PC user for easy identification
• Works even if the OS can’t engage: Patented repair technology operates from the local cache before each Windows boot
• Heal logs of all recovery actions available for reporting, auditing or power management credits from regional power suppliers, if needed

Persystent Solo is currently available throughout North America and is affordably priced at a $36 per year subscription or $79.99 for a 3-pack. Microsoft XP is supported. Due to customer demand, a BtoC version of Persystent Solo is currently under development.

For a downloadable copy of the Persystent Solo product datasheet, click here.

For a free trial download of the repair functionality, click here. Note: The Trial demonstrates the repair functionality only, and is not a fully functional version of the product. Persystent Solo is designed to be a supplement to data backup and recovers OS and applications only. Persystent Software recommends users have a separate, dedicated data backup solution.

To purchase a copy of Persystent Solo, click here.
For more information on Persystent Software, visit

About Persystent Software Solutions

Persystent® Software solutions ensure that end-user desktop and laptop computers are always available and fully functional-whether in the office or offsite.

When computers are down, so is business productivity. Persystent Software developed the only automated PC recovery product on the market with unsurpassed speed, restoring application and operating system (O/S) files that are corrupted, changed, or missing, in less than 30 seconds.

Unlike any other disaster recovery provider, Persystent Software offers the only solution that restores degraded systems to a working state whether the PC is on or off the network, and even if the O/S will not start.

Nothing, including viruses, malware or other unauthorized programs can stop a Persystent PC from returning to its desired configuration. By simply rebooting the system, either automatically or on demand, Persystent Software eliminates the need for manual PC re-imaging while preserving user data and settings during the restoration process.

In addition to keeping end users productive, Persystent Software enables IT staffs to control PC damage, reduce help desk calls, enforce compliance, and improve the success rate of software patches and updates. Additional benefits include energy savings through reduced PC power consumption via an automatic shutdown feature.

Founded in 2002, Persystent Software solutions have been instrumental to organizations across North America including government, health care and education sectors with limited resources to support a high ratio of employees to IT staff and 24/7 business uptime.

For more information on Persystent Software and its solutions, visit:

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