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Tulsa, Oklahoma (PRESS RELEASE – July 30, 2009) –, a social networking content publishing service, and Conduit, enabling web publishers to distribute their offerings directly and through its global network of publishers, today announced the distribution of the service using the Conduit platform and Marketplace. will make its service available in the browser window via the Community Toolbar and in the Conduit Marketplace to other web publishers and users who can add the service to their community toolbars.

The number of social networks has increased dramatically in recent years while they have become an important element of every marketing program. Keeping them all updated in a timely fashion however, is increasingly difficult. was founded in 2008 to solve this problem and is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to post to more than 40 social networks simultaneously.

Prior to using the Conduit platform, users could “ping” from a variety of inputs including, but not limited to the website, mobile applications, instant messaging services and their developer API that hosts over 100 widely used 3rd party applications. The new Community Toolbar and component provide a great convenience for users as it allows them to “ping” any content from any site directly from the browser window with a simple click.

“Our new user rate has been growing steadily at 30 to 40 percent a month because we offer a convenient service that gives users and publishers a way to easily post content and broaden their audiences. Our new conduit takes that vision one step further by making it even easier to ‘ping’ anything directly from the browser window,” said Sean McCullough, founder and CEO of

As part of the Conduit Network of publishers, now has massive new opportunities for direct and indirect distribution. Not only can the company offer its service in the browser on their branded community toolbar, it can also distribute its service in the Conduit Marketplace to more than 200,000+ community toolbar publishers. In addition, will have direct access to the more than 60 million individual users of Conduit-powered community toolbars who can add the component to their individual toolbars. For example, users of the Travelocity Community toolbar, powered by Conduit, can add the button to their toolbar and then “ping” content from any site onto their social networks.

“Our vision is to provide technologies that create a conduit between web publishers and their communities,” said Adam Boyden, president of Conduit. “The service is an excellent example of the great content and applications that we can make available to millions of users.”

To date, focused on distribution of its service on mobile, instant messenger, and third-party social networks. Working with Conduit, the service is now available in the browser to hundreds of thousands of web publishers. “Working with Conduit, we solved a major business problem. The Conduit Network represents a massive distribution opportunity to us and it’s totally turnkey,” continued McCullough. “Sharing our service with the Conduit Network is more effective than a hundred marketing and distribution deals.”

To learn more about Conduit, including its Community Toolbar Platform and Conduit Open go to

About Conduit

Conduit enables web publishers to distribute their offerings directly and through its global network of more than 200,000 publishers and their 60 million users. Conduit is the inventor of the SaaS platform that allows web publishers to create and distribute their content and products on a custom community toolbar using all the leading operating systems and Internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The free, powerful Conduit platform has earned the prestigious TRUSTe Trusted Download certification. With the Conduit Openâ„¢ initiative, launched in 2009, Conduit is creating new distribution opportunities by simplifying the sharing of content and applications via community toolbars across the World Wide Web. The platform has been adopted by major brands such as Fox News, Habbo, iWin, Major League Baseball, NHL teams, Softonic, TechCrunch, and Travelocity, as well as thousands of small and medium organizations in 120 countries around the globe. If you want to Conduit Your Site, visit:

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