Small Business Cautious in IT Spending

PLANO, Texas (PRESS RELEASE – July 25, 2009) – In a tight economy, not all technology spending is equal, reveals a survey by Wasp Barcode Technologies, the leading provider of barcode-based productivity solutions for small business.

In a recent customer survey, Wasp asked its small business customers to estimate their technology spending for the remainder of 2009. Survey respondents overall appeared cautious, with only 19 percent intending to increase their IT spending for the second half of the year. Forty-one percent plan to spend the same amount as they did in the first half of 2009, while the remaining 40 percent expect to spend less.

Yet these numbers change significantly for a particular set of businesses. Companies that previously invested in productivity solutions to track inventory or assets have a much more positive attitude toward IT spending: 31 percent plan to increase IT investments for the remainder of 2009, while another 39 percent expect their IT dollars to remain the same. Only 30 percent of these businesses intend to spend less.

“Small businesses are still spending, especially if they can find a way to improve their operations, save money or gain a competitive advantage,” said Tom O’Shea, general manager for Wasp. “It seems they are particularly interested in exploring technologies that have a positive impact on their bottom line. It’s gratifying to see that business owners who understand the benefits of technology are planning even further investments to improve their companies.”

But one question remains unanswered: are these businesses more willing to spend because Wasp productivity solutions have improved their financial positions, thus freeing up cash? Or because they now understand how strategic IT solutions can change their businesses for the better?

“We think it’s a little bit of both,” O’Shea said. “As we visit and talk to our customers, we see the efficiency and gains being achieved. Our productivity solutions have literally saved millions of dollars for thousands of small businesses, while also making operations flow more smoothly and with less frustration. Once small business owners and managers see the difference that these solutions can make, they are ready to embrace similar investments.”

Key Wasp productivity solutions include:

· Wasp Inventory Control, which helps small businesses accurately track inventory, know how much inventory they have, where it is located and what items are moving. Businesses that implement this easy-to-use inventory control software system can experience increased sales, reduced costs, improved efficiency, and increased value of their companies.

· Wasp MobileAsset, which automates the tracking of company IT assets such as computers, equipment, tools, office furniture, and even important documents and records. As a result, businesses can avoid unnecessary purchases, keep maintenance schedules up-to-date, and locate needed equipment immediately. This translates into saving huge amounts of time once spent trying to find items or verify the whereabouts of equipment.

While the survey suggests that the overall market for technology spending may be flat or slightly cautious, small businesses are still willing to purchase technology that can have direct impact on their bottom line, O’Shea said.

About Wasp Barcode Technologies

Wasp Barcode Technologies provides data capture and tracking solutions designed specifically for small business. Products include inventory control, asset tracking, time and attendance, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and point of sale (POS) solutions. Wasp products help small business owners manage their companies more efficiently with improved productivity and profitability. Learn more at or call 866-547-WASP (9277).

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