Study Shows Small Businesses Need to Upgrade Internet Marketing Practices

Annapolis, MD (PRESS RELEASE – July 06, 2009) – Vidal Financial Consulting of Annapolis, which increases small business profitability through local internet marketing, has issued a Special Report showing that current internet marketing trends are having a disparate impact on small businesses. The report is called, “Local internet marketing: Take the Sniper Approach.”

“Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have their sites set on small businesses,” said Leo Vidal, JD, MA, CPA, president of Vidal Consulting. \”Because of this, the way small business advertising and marketing will be done from here on will be completely different. To survive, small businesses will need to adapt to these changes.”

According to Vidal, over 80% of local market consumers visit the internet first to get information, and then buy locally. Over 50% of all consumers now don\’t consult print media at all, but go straight online.

“There are massive amounts of information online which consumers read before they make a purchase decision,” said Vidal. “Local businesses without an effective online presence will be left in the dust because they will be invisible to the majority of their potential customers and clients.”

Local businesses now have to worry about where they place on the search engines and for what search terms. “People who think they need a plumber don’t enter “plumber” into Google all the time, or even most of the time,” said Vidal. “My research uncovered over 800 different word combinations people use to search Google for plumbing related products and services.”

Mr. Vidal’s report, Part I of a two-part study on Local Internet Marketing and Small Businesses can be found at…. Anyone wanting a copy of his list of 800+ plumbing search terms may contact him at or 800-535-4072.

Leo J. Vidal, JD, MA, CPA consults with small businesses to increase their profits. He provides small businesses a turn-key solution to their local internet marketing needs as a way to experience explosive growth.

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