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Dallas, TX (PRESS RELEASE – July 29, 2009) – 8KMiles, today announces its partnership with multi-point video communication provider ooVoo. Through the new agreement, 8KMiles will offer ooVoo’s high quality video chat software as part of its suite of online collaboration tools to enable users to conduct live videoconferencing to foster greater project collaboration and continuity.

Through the partnership, 8KMiles users now have access to up to six-way video conferencing. This not only enables service buyers to become more acquainted with service providers, but also encourages real-time collaboration and project transparency between virtual teams.

“Outsourcing has traditionally benefited larger corporations, SMBs are yet to fully capitalize on these benefits due to limited budget, talent and infrastructure. SMBs can now overcome this by embracing the power of the internet and outsourcing their projects through 8KMiles’ on-demand enterprise scalable cloud infrastructure and network of certified service providers,” says Prabhu Karunakaran, EVP of 8KMiles. “To ensure the success and continuity of these online outsourcing projects service, it is critical that we provide a rich array of easy-to-use collaboration tools. By partnering with ooVoo, we are now able to deliver superior real-time video communication as part of our online ecosystem.”

ooVoo’s new video conferencing capabilities complements 8KMiles’ current lineup of collaboration resources. Through 8KMiles, 24/7 project visibility and user control is made possible with messaging chat boards and the ability to monitor online service provider availability in real-time enables companies and project managers to communicate and benchmark key project milestones with their team of service providers.

In addition to collaborating on projects within the 8KMiles’ online ecosystem, users or buyers can also use the service to collaborate among each other or add ooVoo’s high quality video chat rooms to their own sites or build widgets and applications on top of the ooVoo high quality video communication platform.

“Every day, ooVoo connects millions of family members, co-workers, friends and online communities through remarkably clear and highly superior video quality. We are very excited to launch another API partner, 8KMiles, as we continue to help innovative development teams and partners implement our video conversations into their platforms,” says Tom Herman, Vice President of Product Marketing and API “Evangelist” for ooVoo. “ooVoo understands the importance of high quality when connecting with friends, businesses colleagues and family over video communication.

To download the ooVoo Developer API, register an application or get more information, please visit To use the new integrated environment please visit

About 8KMiles:

8KMiles is an online ecosystem of verified professionals and companies that enables outsourcing of software and other knowledge services completely over the internet. The 8KMiles ecosystem provides the people, hardware, software and tools required for outsourcing on-demand effectively enabling a no cap-ex model of “Software Development-as-a-Service” and other knowledge services. 8KMiles’ platform facilitates successful execution of projects in a secure en vironment with complete visibility and control for companies in addition to providing opportunities for business development and information technology professionals to offer services to companies. 8KMiles is privately held with offices in USA and India.

About ooVoo:

ooVoo provides a high-quality webcam video chat and communication service that delivers a meaningful way for people to call and connect over the Internet. ooVoo’s technology enables people to experience a face-to-face conversation and share a full range of emotions as if they are in the same room together, whether they are across the street or across the globe. ooVoo’s superior quality video and audio are available to anyone with a computer, broadband connection and a web camera, for real-time video calls with up to six friends, relatives and colleagues simultan eously. ooVoo offers high-resolution video, video conversation recording, telephony, video messaging, instant message chat and file sharing amongst other capabilities.

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