VOSI.biz Leads Technology Innovation on Cloud Computing

(PRESS RELEASE – July 17, 2009) – VOSI.biz (htttp://www.vosi.biz), the leading cloud-based Virtual Office, Virtual Server and Virtual IT service provider has extended its technology leadership in cloud computing. VOSI.biz cloud-based services are completely new IT services, which can dramatically lower your server hardware, software and IT management cost. The services can be setup in just a few minutes.

VOSI.biz cloud-based services now cover almost all your company’s basic IT needs. It includes the following services: Remote File server, Remote FTP server, Business Email Server, Offsite Online Backup, Email and Address Book Backup, Web Hosting and more. Compared with in-house self-managed solutions, VOSI.biz can easily save you 90% of the cost; moreover, our services have more features and are more secure and reliable. You can easily access our services from anywhere at any time; you can share files with other people remotely; you can also collaborate with colleagues or clients anywhere.

Compared with other cloud-computing service providers, VOSI.biz has done a far better job in seamlessly integrating cloud-based services and local computing. Other cloud-computing service providers have focused on web browser based applications, hoping to move people away from desktop software. Their vision is that all computing will happen on the “cloud”, and local PC is like a dumb terminal. The main advantage of this approach is, businesses and consumers will never need to install desktop software and thus lower support cost. In reality, it has severe drawbacks:

-Business users will have to be re-trained to migrate to a new web-based system;

-Web browser based applications are limited by browser features. Such web applications don’t have the same level of rich features available in desktop software. It is almost impossible to move many Microsoft Office users.

-While users can access the services from anywhere, if network connection becomes unavailable, users will lose all productivity.

-Web browser-based applications are usually slower than local applications. When you need to upload download files, the performance is even slower.

VOSI.biz has a much better design. We believe Cloud-computing will complement the existing technologies, but it will not replace existing technologies. PCs are getting more and more powerful yet the prices keep dropping. PCs are designed to run rich-feature applications. If PCs will continue to be faster, then utilizing the local computing power is a rational choice.

VOSI.biz “remote office, remote server and remote IT” service is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It combines the advantages of cloud-computing and local computing. These advantages include:

-Business and home users can continue using their familiar desktop software, there is no need for re-training.

-Business and home data can be stored on local PCs and automatically backed up or synchronized to VOSI.biz remote file server. User data are protected by offsite backup. In the meantime, files and emails can be accessed locally even when network connection is not available.

-VOSI.biz remote servers are generally more reliable than your local servers as we have a reliable co-location facility, our servers and equipments are fully redundant and backed up.

-VOSI.biz services cost far lower than buying and maintaining local servers and equipments.

-VOSI.biz services are accessible from anywhere securely. Not only you and your colleagues, but also your clients can access the services. You can set different permission for different people. This feature is extremely useful if you have multiple office locations, or you need to work from home or hotels, or if you need to share files and collaborate with remote clients.

VOSI.biz has a variety of subscription service plans for different businesses. The basic service is free. You can use our software and service on any number of PCs. No licenses are required.

For more info about remote file server, please visit: http://www.vosi.biz/FileServer.aspx
For more info about FTP server, please visit: http://www.vosi.biz/FtpServer.aspx
For more info about Email server, please visit: http://www.vosi.biz/EmailServer.aspx
For more info about backup solution, please visit: http://www.vosi.biz/BackupSolution.aspx
For more info about web hosting, please visit: http://www.vosi.biz/WebHosting.aspx


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  1. It is a great idea to put data onto the cloud, but also provide client software that works like local PCs. The advantage is you can access your files whether you are offline or online.

  2. VirtuWorks Velum is a hosted solution that enables businesses to reap the benefits of Cloud Computing, without assuming the high cost of ownership associated with the implementation and maintenance of physical hardware.