Business Clarity Book Provides Practical To Would-Be Entrepreneurs

HOBOKEN, (PRESS RELEASE – August 2, 2009) – A business advice book for would-be entrepreneurs by Jerry Carter, who founded and grew his payroll processing firm to $8 million in annual revenues in just five years, is now available.

“Business Clarity: Clarifying The True Meaning of Business” provides practical advice and tips to anyone considering or just starting their own business. The book is also useful reading for seasoned entrepreneurs looking to improve their opportunities for success. Business Clarity is available at, and will be available on and The book retails for $14.95.

“The book was a result of the advice I was already providing informally to many clients and to small business organizations,” said Carter, whose firm, Hoboken, N.J.-based First Priority Pay, serves small and midsized companies. “When I founded First Priority Pay, I found that so many of the business books available were too academic and not practical. I wanted Business Clarity to cut straight to the heart of what entrepreneurs need to know to start their new ventures and grow them successfully.”

Carter, 30, founded First Priority Pay in 2004 after working in sales for three years at several payroll processing firms that are now his competitors. His firm has more than 5,000 clients, 100 employees and locations in six states. Carter was recently named by NJBiz Magazine as one of one New Jersey’s top 40 business executives under the age of 40.

Business Clarity is 102 pages and covers topics ranging from start-up financing to sales and operations in its 14 chapters. Carter shares with readers what has worked for him as well as the mistakes he’s made, what he learned from them, and how he corrected them.

“Every entrepreneur is going to make mistakes, and successful entrepreneurs don’t let these obstacles stop them from moving forward,” said Carter. “It’s part of the process when you’re taking risks – and you need to take risks – especially when you’re making hundreds of decisions a week. Business Clarity will not eliminate every mistake a new business owner could make, but it should answer a lot of the questions they will ask themselves during start-up and the initial development of their company.”

Some of the advice would-be entrepreneurs will take away from Business Clarity includes:
• Take the time to write a very detailed business plan, especially for the first year. Jerry Carter took six months to write one for First Priority Pay.

• Don’t overextend yourself or your business. Stick with your strong points and specialties.

• Engage family support. Figure out the break-even point where you can successfully run a business and keep a happy home life.

• Limit extravagant spending on materials and branding in the early years. Stick with the basics, like business cards and simple brochures. Look for free software that helps run your business.

• Work with firms that are similar to yours in culture. That should mean firms that are ambitious and hungry for success.

• Business owners must have a “sales” mindset. Must. Must. Must.

• In startup mode, bring in different types of sales reps/employees to see which types work best.

• Be an action person, not a perfectionist. Perfectionists tend to worry about preparing for every possible scenario. It’s impossible to map out every possible scenario. Knock on some doors.

• Explore cooperative marketing opportunities with your partners. Mine their client lists and prospect lists.

About Jerry Carter and First Priority Pay:

Carter represents the quintessential rags-to-riches story, overcoming poverty and a broken home in Linden, N.J. to graduate high school, college and graduate school. Carter finished the last two years of high school living with the families of a number of friends. When he founded First Priority Pay in 2004, at the age of 25, Carter refinanced his condominium in Jersey City to raise $50,000 to launch his firm.

First Priority Pay, a firm based out of Hoboken, NJ, is an $8 million/year payroll processing firm which also provides a range of human resources and business administration services to businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2004, First Priority Pay has grown quickly based on its ability to provide quality payroll services specifically to small and midsized businesses. For more information about First Priority Pay, visit our Web site at


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. RedHotFranchises

    Sounds like a very profound book, “Business owners must have a “sales” mindset. Must. Must. Must.” That is very true, having a Rich Mindset would be a plus. Master your Thoughts and you have Mastered your Life. Thanks for the Recommendation.

  2. Jerry Carter’s company consistently paid payroll taxes extremely late. After selling us to ADP recently, they never paid the last payment to the IRS of over $5 grand. Jerry Carter assured us the payment was made. The first one had bounced for non-sufficient funds. The IRS said they have not received his payment. We are pursuing further action to get our money back. Great business solution! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I feel far more persons will need to read this, extremely very good info.

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