Entrepreneur Matthew Crowe Releases New Book

(PRESS RELEASE – August 23, 2009) – During a time in our economy when most people and the media are talking about doom and gloom, Crowe seeks to motivate and uplift Americans.

“Written for today’s short attention spanned, this quick read gives wisdom, insight, and strategies on how to be successful, get the most out of life, and achieve whatever it is that you want” says Crowe.

Winners Persevere is the creation of entrepreneur Matthew Crowe, who blogs daily at http://www.mattcrowe.com, hosts a talk radio show, and founded the Minneapolis based, venture capital firm Huckleberry at age 26.

Crowe’s aim with Winners Persevere is to communicate lessons that have been learned many times, but may not have penetrated deep enough with some peers of his generation to ignite action. “I want to offer a 26-year old’s perspective on how to work hard, play hard and make money – while in the process of becoming the best human being you can possibly be” says Crowe.

Winners Persevere is straight talk, in an easy-to-absorb, compilation of cherry-picked, age-old wisdom that Crowe has accrued in the short amount of time he’s had his hat in the ring. Winners Persevere shares his shortcuts to success and how to get where you would like to be in life by paying dues through conventional wisdom.

When harnessed and applied, these techniques actually work.

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