If a Hurricane Hits Your Servers, A Cloud Could Save Your Business

(PRESS RELEASE – August 29, 2009) – Companies can minimize the potential impact of a natural disaster by taking advantage of Storage Guardian’s Jumpstart Cloud Continuity’ program. Limited offer for first 50 companies.

Hurricane season is officially underway. The season is now entering its historical peak period of August through October, when most storms form. Now is a good time for business owners and IT managers to review their current disaster recovery plan, says Dave Minns of Storage Guardian, the company that specializes in online and cloud backup solutions for small and medium-size businesses.

“You can minimize the business impact of a natural disaster with online data backup to an offsite location. And nowadays that means the cloud,” says Dave Minns, client services manager at Storage Guardian. “Companies with a cloud-based business continuity plan can recover from a disaster in minutes. And keep in mind that every minute you’re down is a major ding in your company’s credibility with customers, partners and suppliers.”

Storage Guardian’s ‘Jumpstart Cloud Continuity’ program: limited offer
Storage Guardian is making it easy for a business to implement cloud continuity by providing free initial data upload via USB drive for the first 50 companies that sign up. The USB drive eliminates the need to perform a time-consuming initial backup via the Internet.
For more details on this program, go to: http://www.storageguardian.com/jumpstart.

Comprehensive business continuity protection has historically been something only large corporations could afford. The required investment in expensive, redundant hardware (both onsite and in remote locations) seldom provided suitable return or a 100% reliable restore of critical data. However, the advent of ‘cloud computing’ has made the provision of dynamically scalable and virtualized resources more available, including storage. Now, with Storage Guardian Cloud Continuity, even small businesses can quickly recover their IT infrastructure after a major disaster, ensuring their business doesn’t miss a heartbeat.

Cloud continuity is the latest approach to business continuity
Storage Guardian Cloud Continuity drastically reduces the operational impact of a natural disaster by restoring a single-server backup set from high availability storage to the cloud in just minutes. Users then have full access to all applications and data while the physical server is replaced, at which time normal operations can be resumed.

With cloud continuity service in place, a business can:

– Minimize operational downtime
– Continue business-critical activities while repairing its physical environment
– Gain access to restored data in the cloud from anywhere in the world
– Restore the data from the data repository into the cloud at LAN speed

Storage Guardian’s latest cloud continuity technology supports online backup and disaster recovery for virtualized computing environments (Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX), and no hardware investment is required.

About Storage Guardian

Storage Guardian delivers business continuity protection and information lifecycle management. Storage Guardian is used by small and midsize businesses, enterprises, and multiple-platform LAN computing environments that want to safeguard their critical business data in a secure, off-site location. Its remote backup service is the culmination of a decade of intense research and software development and represents a superior alternative to tape-based data recovery systems. All Storage Guardian’s solutions are based on Televaulting technology from Asigra , a recognized leader in enterprise online backup. The company is also developing a select network of authorized VARs to service the off-site backup and fast data recovery needs of companies located throughout North America.

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