iGoMogul Helps Build Niche Communities for Their Clients

(PRESS RELEASE – August 13, 2009) – iGoMogul has helped several clients build popular online communities with different niches. iGoMogul builds websites from the ground up, helping clients create more than just an informational website. A few of iGoMogul’s most popular communities cover a wide range of topics. Because iGoMogul makes the communities so easy to manage, their clients’ social networks are beginning to flourish with very little effort.

MyPlantLuv.com is one of the communities iGoMogul has built and one that we’re really proud of. MyPlantluv.com connects like-minded garderners, green-thumbers, and people passionate about planting.

Member based websites invite niche communities to come together to share ideas, swap tips, and discuss their interest. Plant lovers from everywhere can become a member on MyPlantLuv.com for free and start interacting right away. They can post to the message board if they have a question about their pesky bachelor buttons or offer advice on how to cultivate them. Members can read articles on the MyPlantLuv.com blog which ranges from articles about perennials to tips on keeping your plants healthy.

The budding community is all about the love of all things green and who want to share their knowledge and passion with others. If that interests you, or you just want to take peek at an iGoMogul community, head on over to www.MyPlantLuv.com.

iGoMogul is an experienced web development and technology company located in Phoenix, Arizona, and has served clients nationwide since 2007. iGoMogul is dedicated to great customer service, and educating clients who are inexperienced in creating and maintaining websites.

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