iPhone App Development Trends Beginning to Shift

Royal Palm Beach, Florida (PRESS RELEASE – August 1, 2009) -The iPhone continues to dominate the smart phone market , and available iPhone apps total well over 65,000. People are eager to get in on the iPhone application craze to promote their businesses or just to make an extra buck. As the economy continues to struggle, the popularity of iPhone apps seems to be at an all-time high and businesses and entrepreneurs want to be a part of the movement.

With the app craze growing daily, the iPhone app development trends are beginning to shift. The following key indicators seen by iPhoneAppQuotes.com, where new apps are born every day, include:

Medical, education, business and book applications are the most popular development requests;

In the first quarter of 2009, there was a 50 / 50 split between business versus consumer application request for development;

In the second quarter, business applications have increased by 30 percent, resulting in a 70 / 30 split;

Request for quotes to develop new iPhone applications are up 20 percent from May to June 2009;

Requests for game iPhone application development dropped by roughly 10 percent, and the development of new music applications are experiencing a steep decline;

The initiation of new weather, sports and photography have slowed to a near standstill;

Apple recently announced there are now over 100,000 registered iPhone app developers

iPhoneAppQuotes.com has experienced a 30 percent increase in registered developers in the last three months.

“Business apps are proving to be the most popular category of apps as entrepreneurs and small businesses realize the marketing and additional revenue stream potential the iPhone creates,” said Gregg Weiss, founder of iPhoneAppQuotes.com. “Apps are now available world wide in 77 countries.
With the recent news from Apple CEO Steve Jobs announcing last quarter, 5.2 million iPhones were sold, a 626 percent increase from a year ago, the customer base for iPhone apps is growing rapidly.” The key thing to take away from these statistics is that developing an iPhone app can create a
very lucrative business for not only businesses and software developers, but also for regular Joe’s that have a fantastic concept.”

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  1. 今天再来回顾一下这些数据,显然iPhone已经取得了更大的成功,但不知这种成功是否会继续延续下去
    Review the data again today, apparently iPhone greater success has been achieved, but I do not know whether this success will continue to continue

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