Maverick Entrepreneurs Get Coiffed for 80s-Themed Road Rally

POTOMAC, MD (PRESS RELEASE – August 26, 2009) – Think big hair, acid washed jeans, leg warmers and Valley Girls. This was the ’80s. Add high-level business networking and philanthropy and you have another epic Maverick Business Adventures outing this fall.

This company, dedicated to banishing business as usual has themed an innovative road rally around the “Big Hair” decade by combining sophisticated (and silly) clues with GPS mapping and Flip Camera video recording in vintage cars, challenging teams of two to play the tools with clues to win kitschy 80’s prizes. It’s a combination of Amazing Race blended with the Da Vinci Code and a little YouTube with some “pay it forward” altruism stirred in for good measure.

Maverick Business Adventures’ (MBA) Oct. 1-4 “Totally Rad 80’s Maverick Road Rally” coifs off after John Paul Mitchell stylists give participants big hair and 80’s dos’ with proceeds benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Echo Park, CA. This follows MBA’s commitment to always pay it forward to the communities they visit. Over the course of the next three days the rally will motor north to Big Sur, San Francisco and finally into the Napa Valley.

The fee is $10,495 per person (exclusive of car) which includes all rally components, video missions, accommodations (single occupancy), meals, luggage support crew, flip camera and GPS, plus the privilege of joining daily business building sessions and gaining insights on Day One from celebrity business icon John Paul DeJoria who holds the rank of #261 on Forbes list of World’s Richest with an estimated $2.5B net worth. He’s the co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Hair Care Systems and Patron Spirits Company.

Day Two also brings an exclusive ride onboard the world’s largest airship, the 246-foot-long Eureka Zeppelin NT. On Day Three in the Napa Valley there will be samplings of cult and wait-listed wines selling for up to $2,000 a bottle. Hal Oates from, wine concierge for Neiman Marcus and Andrew Harper Hideaway Report, will host that night’s dinner.

In addition to the high-level networking and deal-making sessions participants will enjoy throughout the journey, an exclusive mentoring session is scheduled for young and aspiring entrepreneurs from the Bay Area. MBA’s ongoing Young Entrepreneurs program services disadvantaged and at-risk youth through an introduction to entrepreneurship and innovation backed by mentoring and seed money support.

For the rally, participants can bring their own car or rent one with MBA sourcing assistance. Think DeLorean, the A-Team Van, Knight Rider’s Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang, Miami Vice’s white Testarossa Ferrari, and more. Participation requires membership in MBA with annual dues of $10,000.

According to member and online media entrepreneur Drew Kossoff, it’s worth every penny. “I would be shocked if I didn’t generate at least a million dollars in the next 12 months from the ideas and tactics that I learn from other people as well as from the new relationships and partnerships that I am going to pursue after this event.”

“It’s the perfect mix of high-octane fun, relaxation and networking!” claims member Tim Houston, founder of

Yanik Silver, MBA founder, internet entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, says the MBA mantra is blending high-level business building, outrageous adventure and charitable giving forward.

He says his own life-changing experiences such as running with the bulls, bungee jumping and high altitude sky diving have brought a profound sense of accomplishment and led to clarity in ideas and focus. This inspired him to create Maverick Business Adventures for like-minded entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners seeking to enhance their own business acumen while reaching out to assist others through philanthropy.

Maverick Business Adventures entrepreneur organization is structured to be an exclusive group and membership is by-application-only, limited to forward thinking business men and women with proven abilities and success. Silver stresses that the focus is not on corporate team building or motivational development. Instead, members will be invited to join all-inclusive adventure outings that encourage the type of high-level networking and powerful connections that can only occur outside of normal business settings.

For details on the trip please see:

For more information on how to become a member of Maverick Business Adventures’ business leadership network please see: or call 240.744.0165.

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