New DropBox Service Expands YouMail Beyond Mobile Phones

Irvine, California (PRESS RELEASE – August 24, 2009) -YouMail Inc., (, the premier mobile consumer voicemail service, today announced the availability of YouMail DropBox, a service that enables anyone using a VOIP voicemail service featuring e-mail delivery to take advantage of YouMail’s free Visual Voicemail Plus applications for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android smart phones as well as YouMail’s premium services that provide near-perfect voicemail transcription. YouMail’s DropBox works with all major VOIP phone service providers including Vonage, GoogleVoice, Magicjack, OOMA, Packet 8, and eVoice. Additionally, the service works with PBX services that provide audio attachments in standard MP3 or WAV format, such as RingCentral,, Adomo, Nortel, Cisco, and Avaya.

YouMail DropBox allows users to consolidate voicemails from their work or home VOIP system and mobile phone, creating a more universal voicemail service that can be accessed anywhere at anytime. VOIP and PBX users can activate DropBox by completing these simple steps:

– Sign up for YouMail’s free mobile voicemail service by downloading the YouMail application from Apple’s App Store, BlackBerry AppWorld, or Android Market, or through YouMail’s Web site at

– Go to the PBX or VOIP system’s configuration page and change the e-mail address from where voicemail alerts are currently sent to a users 10-digit YouMail account number For example, if a user’s cell phone and YouMail account number is 310-123-4567, the new address would be

– Once the email has been changed, YouMail will forward any necessary confirmation to the users primary e-mail account to verify the change of address and activate YouMail DropBox.

Once a user completes the simple activation steps, other provider’s voicemails will appear in the YouMail inbox, integrated with mobile phone voicemail, and users will have access to all of the key YouMail features including access to voicemails via the mobile applications and Web site, effortless voicemail sharing, automated spam filtering, and more. Users who want near-perfect transcriptions of their voicemail can sign up for transcription at, with transcription plans starting as low as $3.99/month.

“YouMail has been overwhelmed with requests from users wanting our service to work with their existing voicemail systems, primarily because of our powerful, easy-to-use handset applications and our near perfect voicemail transcriptions”, said Alex Quilici, CEO, YouMail. “We’re happy to have found an almost effortless way to make this possible, even when these systems do not provide the conditional call forwarding or accurate originally called number services on which most voicemail services rely.”

About YouMail

YouMail provides a free, completely customizable cell phone voicemail service that lets users customize, manage and deliver messages the way they want, when they want – saving both time and money. YouMail users can choose to retrieve voicemail through its handset application for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android smart phones, through the web browser, in e-mail, or by calling in. From visual voicemail, to voice-to-text, to custom and community-shared greetings, and voicemail filtering, YouMail gives users complete control of their voicemail, providing the best and most simple voicemail solution. YouMail provides an ad-supported free service, as well as a set of premium services, including near perfect voice-to-text transcription.

The YouMail service is being adopted rapidly by consumers, with approximately 500,000 registered YouMail accounts, and is currently available free of charge to most AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, T-mobile and US Cellular users. The company has a growing set of distribution partnerships and serves as the default voicemail service for wireless carriers including Immix Wireless, BlueWireless, and iSmart Mobile. YouMail, Inc., headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, was founded in January, 2007. The company is backed by Vantage Point Venture Partners and Tech Coast Angels. To learn more or sign up for YouMail’s free service, visit or download the YouMail application from AppWorld, iTunes, or the Android Market. Inquiries regarding YouMail should be directed to Follow YouMail on Twitter at


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    One should always be careful when buying a cell phone. These days there are many counterfeit phones being sold at cheap prices but they don’t last long! Better go for an expensive but quality cell phone that will serve you the purpose rather than a cheaper phone that won’t be of use for a longer period of time.

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    This kind of mobile mail box sounds like a really great idea for mobile phones, I was keen to see how they would convert this for apps.

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