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Redwood City, California (PRESS RELEASE -August 8, 2009) -Despite the challenging economic times, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the country are quickly discovering that video ads are helping them target and win new customers more cost-effectively online. SpotMixer (, an industry-leading online video and TV ad creation and advertising service, has added new features and functionality with its recent 2.0 release, providing businesses an even more comprehensive and affordable end-to-end DIY video advertising solution. As a result, SMBs across the country are reaping the benefits of video advertising-online and on television.

With this release, SpotMixer is making it even easier for advertisers to create high-performing video ads. Among other new features, the ad campaign management component of the service gives businesses the ability to target their customers by location, gender, income level and age. With these
upgrades, SpotMixer reinforces its already-strong reputation as a leader in building ease of use into a powerful online service that helps businesses manage the entire cycle of online video ad campaigns-
from ad creation and distribution to reporting of results.

SpotMixer recently partnered with SpotXchange, a leading video ad network, expanding its already robust video ad distribution network of thousands of websites where SpotMixer customers can place targeted video ads across all types of demographics.

Now, with a 30-day free trial, SpotMixer allows businesses to test-drive the basic features of SpotMixer’s video services, including adding a video to their website and having a hosted company video web page that features their video, a Google Map and/or Yelp reviews.

Businesses that have recently tried video ads are impressed with how effective video ads can be at generating quality traffic – just the right target customers – to their website. L.A. Minerals, an online cosmetics company, explored how to create video ads online and chose SpotMixer as its
solution. Said Lorraine Pierce, CEO of L.A. Minerals: “We’ve noticed a traffic increase of about 50% since launching online video advertising through SpotMixer. This method provided us with a much better result than just regular TV ads or pay-per-click. I think using online video advertising is an effective strategy for getting your messages across to a specific target market-in our case it was females of a certain age range.”

Other customers accustomed to paying thousands of dollars to produce TV ad spots rave about the cost-effectiveness of SpotMixer’s TV ad creation capabilities. Cotton Blossom Flower Shop in Maricopa, Arizona created a video ad using the SpotMixer solution to advertise on cable TV. “I was
intimidated about online video creation, but SpotMixer’s user-friendly software made making a dynamic video ad easy and extremely cost-effective for my small business,” said Cindy Dunn, owner of Cotton Blossom Flower Shop. “The value we got was obvious: we’re able to create video ads
whenever we want, without the hassle of buying software or hiring an expensive agency.”

“SpotMixer is thrilled that businesses are seeing great results from our new and improved service,” said Kathleen Farley, SpotMixer’s vice president of Product Marketing. “Our goal is to make it as easy and affordable as possible for small businesses to successfully reach their target customers
and get the most from their online marketing budget.”

About SpotMixer

SpotMixer, a service of One True Media, Inc., is an easy-to-use and innovative video creation and distribution service for small to mid-sized businesses who advertise online and on TV. The first and most respected name in Web-based video creation for consumers, One True Media has leveraged its
technology and marketing expertise into SpotMixer to help businesses easily and cost-effectively create videos and advertise with video online and on TV. SpotMixer is a Google AdWords Authorized Reseller for video. Founded in 2005, the company is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG
Ventures and NTT Finance, and is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. For more information about SpotMixer, please visit

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