Projected Financial Announces Product Upgrade

(PRESS RELEASE – August 25, 2009) – updated their Projection Templates in an effort to make them even more user-friendly and interactive! Client response has been vary favorable to the new changes, so the company feels they acheived their goals with the latest release. There were 3 primary updates to the projection templates:

A ‘Cash-Basis’ option was added to the Revenue Collection Formula!
You’ve always had the option of changing the collections formula to match your company’s expected collections activity. Now you can over-ride the formula and treat collections as if they were Cash-Basis. This is helpful for certain industries, and for small companies who don’t extend credit terms to their customers.

They added an “I” to all page tabs that contain input cells.Input page tabs have always been shaded yellow (input cells are also shaded yellow for convenience). Some spreadsheet programs don’t allow their page tabs to be shaded, so the Company added the (I) as further indication of where input cells are located. This should make the program that much easier to use, especially for those who are not using Excel.

Depreciation and Interest Expense is rounded to the nearest thousands for years 2 and 3. The templates were designed to round Interest and Depreciation up 4 decimal places in the second and third year, but this was moved it down to 3. The goal is to be accurate without reflecting an misleading level of precision.

Please visit to view the template or to get more details about how our projections can help your business with budgeting, financing, financial decision-making, etc.

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