Teen Entrepreneurs are Jump-Starting the Economy

(PRESS RELEASE – August 16, 2009) – WhizVentures.com announces the launch of a new series of online interviews of young entrepreneurs from all over the U.S. They tell us how they started their business, how they are managing it, and how they are making money. Teenagers are doing amazing things in spite of the poor state of the economy! The first interviews:

• Ben Weissenstein started his current business when he was 14. His business offers turnkey garage sales services, as well as cleaning and moving services. Now 19, his business is so successful that he is about to franchise his concept nationwide.

• Dallas Jessup, 19, has set up a community service to prevent rapes and abductions in the girl population. Her presentations have already saved lives and she has already reached over a million girls in 45 countries. She also wrote the book Young Revolutionaries Who Rock on teen social entrepreneurship.

• Three young women, Tiffanie 15, Twana 14 and Victoria, 13 started a sign company to prevent road rage and increase courtesy and patience with new drivers, after witnessing unpleasant events while riding in a car driven by their aunt who was learning how to drive. The signs are magnetic and, when installed on cars, reduce the stress level of teen drivers who are in the learning process or of seniors who use their cars sporadically.

The whole series interviews over 30 young entrepreneurs, between 5 and 19 years of age. They answer questions about why they started a business and how they are making money. They also share their difficulties and how they overcame them, as well as their best advice for those who want to achieve what they have achieved so far.

The interviews are done by Danielle Vallee, founder of WhizVentures.com, business consultant, published author. The interviews are available on demand, in several formats: audio, video and podcasts.

They are featured on http://www.WhizVentures.com/radioshows.html

These interviews serve as an inspiration to all, to do something about unemployment. They demonstrate how easy it can be to create one’s own job and start a business. If kids can do it, anyone can do it!

The interviews can be used by anyone as long as credit is given to WhizVentures.com

About Danielle Vallee and WhizVentures.com:

WhizVentures.com has been created to help America get back to work by inspiring unemployed people to take action and do something positive. Creating one’s job is very possible, whether it is in the form of self-employment or a larger venture. The site provides everything that people need in order to get a business started in the best way possible, while minimizing risks. Danielle is the founder of WhizVentures.com and has extensive entrepreneurial, start-up and corporate experience. She has worked with corporate presidents, human resources, information systems and other departments in assessing requirements, strategizing changes and developing business and technology plans. A noted speaker and a member of the Advanced Thinkers team, she is also the author of several business and technology books.

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