Two more add-on modules add value to iSocial Pro edition

(PRESS RELEASE – August 22, 2009) – There are millions of people who possess useful knowledge that they would like to share, and there are billions of people who can benefit from it. As many people feel comfortable with blogs and forums to share their knowledge on anything, it’s a good idea to provide blog and forum features on a networking site. Now our iSocial pro, a social networking script comes with two more add-on modules named as blog and forum.

Blog is the perfect place to share things you find interesting, get feedbacks on certain topics, promote businesses, give an opportunity to educate readers etc. So integrate your social networking site with the blog module and let your users post stuff on any subject, making them them stick to your site.

Forum is a great platform to interact with each other by exchanging tips and discussing hot topics. With the forum module, you can allow your users to actively discuss different topics with all forum members or just with friend circles as per their desire. Forum is just like a diary; with lots of information being exchanged in the forum, your users can refer to it all at any time and recommend it to their friends as well.

“Finding effective forums and blogs to share ideas and opinions on certain subjects are somewhat difficult for people. This time we have introduced two add-on modules to our iSocial pro, a social networking script to make it convenient for iSocial clients to let their site members share their knowledge with others” said, Ms.Sheerin, the Vice President of Marketing at Agriya.

Agriya Infoway is a Chennai based Web Development Company that sells scripts that can be bought by webmasters to build sites under various categories. It is currently releasing two add-on modules for iSocial Pro, a social networking script. For more details visit

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