“Cash For Clunkers” CARS Program Allows Small Business Owners to Trade In Their Crummy Websites

(PRESS RELEASE – September 9, 2009) – Small business owners who missed the chance to trade in their clunker vehicles still have time to trade in their crummy websites in the “Cash For Clunkers” CARS program presented by Modern Image Communications.

Modern Image Communications’ own CARS program, the Crummy-Site Allowance Rebate System, is designed to take crummy, homemade, non-productive websites off the internet and replace them with efficient, easy-to-maintain websites that the site owner can update on his own.

“Many small business owners want control over their own websites,” says Karen Scharf of Modern Image Communications. “Unfortunately, this need for control has left the internet with many unsigthly, unproductive websites that just aren’t working for the website owner. The goal of the CARS program is to leave small business owners with a beautiful website that they can control on their own, and to do so within a small business budget.”

Through the Modern Image Communications CARS program, owners of crummy, homemade websites will receive a $100 rebate on the creation of a customized, content management system website. Among its many features, the new site will allow small business owners to update their own page text, to add graphics and pictures, to import audio or video and even to create a blog.

Website trade in CARS vouchers will be distributed through October 15 to all interested small business owners at the CARS website, http://www.CrummySite.com.

Owners of crummy websites can request a CARS voucher and get more information on the Modern Image Communications “Cash For Clunkers” program at the CARS website http://www.CrummySite.com.

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  1. I recently debated starting a construction company. How will I attempt to look for an investor !

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