Conference Call Service Boasts Strong New features for Small Businesses

Austin, Texas (PRESS RELEASE – September 25, 2009) – My Conference Line’s recent release offers another set of groundbreaking features yet still remains very affordable for small business owners. The service launched last month with robust features like emergency backup numbers, virtual hand raising, volume control for each guest, and guaranteed space for all hosts. My Conference Line has taken it to yet another level with four new features:

Green Room For Hosts (All Guests On Mute)

This feature is usually found only in services costing hundreds of dollars per month. My Conference Line even includes this in the standard rate of $47 a month.

When using this feature, guests hear hold music while the co-hosts can talk in private. This is especially useful for co-hosts to coordinate before a call begins for teleseminars and sales presentations.

Conference Locking

My Conference Line now makes it possible for you to lock your conference call so you can keep out prying ears and have full control over who is able to be on the call.

Individual On Hold

When you’re using a conference call to negotiate a deal with another company or vendor, sometimes you need the ability to chat quickly in private. With this added feature you can click the ‘hold’ icon next to the caller or callers you want to put on hold. They hear hold music, you guys discuss the deal in private.

Automatic Volume Adjustment

In the past, the host would have to adjust the volume level manually. Now, this is done for you. The biggest benefit besides having one less thing to do is that you will be able to provide a much better listening experience for your audience.

These recent features continue to set My Conference Line apart in a competitive marketplace. With a focus on efficiency and user-friendly features My Conference Line serves its users well.

For more information about My Conference Line, to view a full list of its features, and to try it out free for 30 days, visit

About My Conference Line:

My Conference Line is a complete online call management system that includes advanced yet simple-to-use features that even small business owners can afford.

To view a full list of its features go to

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