Free Webinar on the SBA ARC Loan: SBA Rules vs. Reality

(PRESS RELEASE – September 14, 2009) – The SBA ARC Loan program has been available since June 15 and it has proved very challenging for both Small Businesses seeking the loan and the participating Lenders. Business Borrowers Alliance is the only firm providing loan packaging services for the SBA ARC Loan nationally and will present this webinar in order to clarify the confusion and misinformation surrounding this program.

“As we have been explaining the program to small business owners and helping clients through the application process, it has been painfully obvious that business owners have been unable to find accurate information about the program” stated Neal Gordon, a Partner with Business Borrowers Alliance.

Specifically, the Webinar will present the basics of the published rules of the ARC Loan program as well discussing the realities of how this program has played out.

“People have become frustrated trying to understand if they qualify for the loan and then locate a lender who will work with them. In addition, the SBA continues to update and evolve their procedures which impacts applications” Gordon said, “This webinar is aimed at shedding light on the program to help small businesses understand if they fit the program and the best way to apply”.

This webinar will be presented, at no charge, on
Monday, September 14, 2009 @ 5 PM ET / 2 PM PT
Tuesday, September 15, 2009 @ 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT

To register for Monday, 9/14, go to
To register for Tuesday, 9/15, go to

As of August 31, there have been just over 1,800 SBA ARC loans approved by less than 600 lenders. Since the SBA predicted a much faster pace of approvals for this loan, this webinar is meant to present meaningful and valuable information to help potential borrowers improve their chances to obtain this loan before it expires.

For more information, please go to the website of Business Borrowers Alliance at

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  1. I will looking forward to this webinar. Things are so much easier, when we can understand.

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