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Getting Comfy In Google Webmaster Central

[1]One of the best free resources out there for small business owners are the free tools available inside Google Webmaster Central [2].

If you’re not familiar with GWC, Google provides site owners with free access to a series of tools aimed at improving their Web sites. All you have to do is register your site. Once you do, you’ll be provided with insight into how Google views your site, how your site is performing, which keywords you’re receiving traffic for, any crawl errors you may have, and more. If you haven’t experimented with it, now’s a very good time to start taking advantage of everything Google offers up.

So how do you get started?

First, register your site [2]. As with most things, it takes just a few minutes to sign up and verify to Google that you own your site. Once you’re registered and logged in, you’ll have full access to your site dashboard.

Through your dashboard, you’ll be privy to a lot of very important information about your Web site.

The tools available through GWC really present site owners with a goldmine of information that they use to help themselves and Google better understand what’s happening on their sites. By reviewing the information provided by Google and then acting on it to improve weak areas of your site, site owners can capitalize on traffic, eliminate crawling roadblocks, make spidering easier for Google, find broken links and more.

To stay updated, you may also want to check out and subscribe to the Google Webmaster Central blog [3]. You can also find videos on ways to improve your site on the YouTube GoogleWebmasterHelp channel [4].