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London, UK (PRESS RELEASE – September 30, 2009) – Glasscubes announces the launch of its document sharing, branded workspace, project management and simple CRM tool, aimed at small and medium businesses.

The increasing prevalence of redundancies in recent times has led to a rise in the number of small businesses being set up, as trust is eroded in larger corporations. Small businesses are also benefitting from the rise and rise of the Internet and its numerous uses both personally and, particularly, professionally. With higher bandwidths and the global presence of Internet, running a small business has never been easier.
However, many small business owners are not IT specialists and rarely have the means to consider a dedicated IT employee, so their business suffers as they are unable to implement the many varied tools to increase business efficiency. With the advent of this rise in SMEs, better Internet connections and speed comes an increase in the number of employees working from home. It is clear to many business owners that several Internet subscriptions are far more cost effective than an office space and all its additional expenses.
The downside of having no central location is the difficulties of project management and document sharing, for example, how do you know which is the latest version of that document? How do you even find and search for a document? When employees are not physically together it is harder to collaborate on projects and share ideas, whilst keeping track of calendars and deadlines. Skype and i-chat (amongst others) have enabled free conference calls and instant messaging which many SMEs have made full use of, and now Glasscubes has completed the last piece of the puzzle with its online hub.
Glasscubes’ Managing Director, Wayne Pope, says, “The beauty of Glasscubes is that there is no need for any specialised IT skills to use and install it, so it is available to all employees; sign-up only takes 60 seconds, making it time-saving too.” This innovative hub offers everything a small business needs to share, collaborate and communicate with colleagues and clients. With its user-friendly design, small business owners and their employees can easily navigate through the many services this tool has to offer. Glasscubes incorporates several features including document and project management through its secure workspaces (called Cubes), branded internet /extranet and even an easy-to-use CRM tool.
Bearing in mind the financial burdens of small businesses Glasscubes offers six different monthly subscription packages, including a free one, which can be cancelled at any time. All the packages offer the same features, the only difference being the amount of space allocated to the account.
The everyday working lives of small businesses just got a whole lot easier.

About Glasscubes offers document sharing, project management, branded intranet and simple CRM – all password-protected of course. In order to make this as accessible as possible to everyone, there are six different monthly packages, including a free one, and you can upgrade or downgrade from one month to another as you are not tied in to a long-term contract. For more information on Glasscubes\’ features: For any other information email or to sign up for a Glasscubes account:

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