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ChoiceAnalyst Released by Catalyst Development Corp

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Yucca Valley, California (PRESS RELEASE – October 18, 2009) – Catalyst Development Corporation, publisher of software components and applications, has announced the release of ChoiceAnalyst, the world’s first affordable decision-making software that keeps users on top of business decisions and ahead of the competition.

With worldwide economic distress, few businesses can afford to make wrong decisions and all decisions, no matter how large or small, require organizing the data, determining the criteria, then analyzing what you have. ChoiceAnalyst helps overcome the quantitative limits of the human mind resulting in clear thinking, sound analysis, and the ability to move forward with confidence.

ChoiceAnalyst is designed to assist people, small businesses and large corporations in gathering decision data and processing that data in a way that assures the best decision is made.

ChoiceAnalyst helps users by:

* Defining the problem, clarifying the goal, clearing the mind.
* Organizing priorities, revealing the big picture.
* Eliminating bias, identifying erroneous assumptions.
* Providing consistent structure for decision making.
* Mathematically calculating the best choice.
* Documenting the process, justifying the outcome.

Cary Harwin, President, said: “Businesses need clarity and confidence when making critical decisions. Mistakes can mean lawsuits, wasted man hours, or even business failure. These days, there is little margin for error.” He went on to add: “ChoiceAnalyst is the first affordable option in an area dominated by incredibly expensive products.”

ChoiceAnalyst takes a complex problem where you have options that must be weighed and analyzed based on multiple criteria, and reduces it down to a series of the simplest steps.. choosing between only two options at a time while considering just one of the criterion. When you and/or your team have completed this process, ChoiceAnalyst mathematically calculates and then presents all your options, in ranked order, with your best choice at the top.

ChoiceAnalyst’s simplicity adds to its usefulness while not detracting from its sophistication as a tool in decision making. You can read all about ChoiceAnalyst, view tutorials and download a fully functional 15-day evaluation copy from http://go.catalyst.com/cabizpress

Pricing and Availability

The introductory offer of $195 ends October 31, 2009. As of November 1, 2009, ChoiceAnalyst will retail for $395 or $1,495 for a five seat consensus pack.

Catalyst provides 30 days of free technical support. All Catalyst products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Catalyst Development Corporation

Catalyst Development Corporation was founded in 1995 to write and market components for software developers. Today, Catalyst Development is a recognized leader in Internet component software whose products are used by tens of thousands of corporate, government and independent developers around the world. With LogicGem, the decision table editor and processor, ChoiceAnalyst is Catalyst’s second application offering to the business professional.

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