Free eLearning Platform Odijoo Released To Market

(PRESS RELEASE – October 20, 2009) – Odijoo, the first ever online learning platform to give trainers their own secure space from which to create, deliver and monetize online courses, was released last week. Odijoo, which means “teacher” in Swahili, is a free to use web-based application that combines course creation, learning management, hosting, e-commerce and social networking tools.

Unlike other online learning solutions, Odijoo allows small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) to have their own private, personalized and secure “Odijoo campus”. A campus is an online storefront, where users can store, administer and promote their Odijoo courses. Campuses are designed for smaller businesses and organizations, that need to train their employees under a tight budget.

“Odijoo is designed to help companies get their training online in a matter of days without third party consultants,” says Shevy Levy, the visionary behind Odijoo. “SMBs can finally afford to reach their learners and with the campus feature, can do so from a single secure online place.”

After over a year of development, Odijoo was released in early October of 2009. The application is free to use and can be accessed at

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